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  • Holidays n coffee

    Hi everyone,

    Am on holidays with the family on the gold coast. So of course that involves coffee ;D

    So Can anyone let me know where the coffee plantation is on Mt Tambourine...or anywhere else in the area.



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    Re: Holidays n coffee

    Try these plantations:

    Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation
    64 Alpine Terrace
    Mount Tamborine QLD  4272

    Tangakinya Coffee
    330 Federal Rd
    FEDERAL NSW 2480



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      Re: Holidays n coffee

      The coffee plantation cafe gets really busy on sundays,so I recomend a visit during the week so "Kees" the guy who runs the plantation and does the roasting can show you around.What they are doing up Mt Tamborine is absolutely amazing.


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        Re: Holidays n coffee

        Thanks for that . Will let you know how it went.


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          Re: Holidays n coffee

          Hi Thumper,
          I hope the coffee went well on your holiday. I visited the Mt Tamborine plantation when I us on holidays in January.

          Here is the link with a few pictures!




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            Re: Holidays n coffee

            Thanks Gadget
            I only had two good coffees while away and one was at the Mt Tamborine Plantation.
            Thankfully i took the moka pot and gas burner, ground up all i had before i went, bought a bag of Mt Tamborine ground (dont have a hand grinder), coffee fetish satisfied again.
            Gave some to a mate of mine, he likes too.
            Kees loves his plantation, and is passionate about promoting the local industry. We had a great time looking around the plantation.
            Great photos you got, makes me wanna go back.
            Wish i lived in frost free climate. Might have to find big greenhouse.


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              Re: Holidays n coffee

              Hi Thumper,

              Glad you enjoyed the Mt tamborine plantation as much as I did.

              Maybe no need for a green house. Coffee can grow in filtered light (rain forest), so may be indoor plant. Importantly it needs a stable temperature. The high grown coffees are grown at altitude (partly) because of the stable temperature.

              I found it to be enjoyable to blend hobby into holiday! Where to go for next holiday?


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                Re: Holidays n coffee

                Hi Gadget

                I dont cope with holidays very well, and dont usually get involved in planning them, unless i can find coffee there. I spent this past week working in Bodalla, stayed in house on Potato Point so my wife tends to think i had a second holliday. Ocean looks nice at sunrise and by moonlight. By day all i saw was Dairy cows.
                Had i more i time would have stopped at Euro Coffee , but when i am in home mode i am difficult to stop.
                When my wife finds a destination rest assured ill be asking CS about its coffee though.