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Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

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  • Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

    Media Release

    Escape the grind of winter with Aroma Coffee Festival Stimulate your senses with the aroma of the blends and brews of selected artisan coffee roasters, at the 8th annual Aroma Coffee Festival in The Rocks on Sunday 24 July.

    The Rocks Aroma Coffee Festival is a coffee-lover’s paradise. The festival is considered the largest coffee festival in the Southern hemisphere, featuring the smallest of roasters next to bigger coffee houses, all offering their roasts and blends to the public for as little as $1 per cup.

    There is also a Domestic Coffee Machine Expo, coffee workshops, a Turkish Coffee House, and live music and entertainment.

    From 10am–5pm on Sunday 24 July, visitors to Aroma will experience a baristic bonanza as more than 25 artisan coffee roasters showcase their blends and brews. Consume as many sample cups for $1 as you like and compare the different roasts as you wander through Sydney’s heritage quarter.

    Whether it’s a plunger, percolator or serious coffee machine that brews your daily cup, the mysteries of grind, dose and infusion will be revealed in a series of free demonstrations and workshops by Australia’s leading food and coffee experts at the ASN Theatrettes, on the corner of Hickson Road and George Street.

    The latest domestic coffee equipment will be on display for visitors to Aroma to touch, see, try and buy, at the Domestic Coffee Machine Expo. Expert demonstrators will profile a wide range of models in Customs Hall on the upper level of the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

    For some Middle Eastern flair, dip into the Turkish Coffee House with belly dancers, middle-eastern music and coffeepots made from hand-hammered copper and brass.
    Enjoy strong Turkish coffee, brewed the traditional way since
    the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century, while reclining on colourful cushions, at the Argyle Stores in Playfair Street.
    Smooth jazz tunes, laid back lounge and other earthy beats will complement the coffee aromas wafting through the air. Entertainers, including Blue Grassy Knoll, a theatrical 5-piece troupe that plays live film scores to quirky black and white silent flicks, will perform live throughout the day, at the Overseas Passenger Terminal Forecourt, in addition to performers at First Fleet Park.

    The Rocks Aroma Coffee Festival is presented by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and proudly sponsored by Ford, Saeco, Piazzo d’Oro and Network Ten.

    For more information, visit

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    Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

    Ill be there, looking forward to seeing just how big this event is!

    Hope to catch a few CSrs for a cuppa.


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      Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

      We (bg&d) wont be there this year...


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        Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

        I guess it can be a like microcosm of the real cafe world, ie some good, some bad, some excellent. I must admit that last year there were lots of stands that I had no real interest in, and the domestic machines on display, for the most part, were well... domestic The sort of thing you could see at your local David Jones etc. Having said all that, if you are interested in coffee enough to be a member of this site, then Im sure Aroma Fest would be worthwhile checking out.

        Im fairly easily excited by anything coffee related so Ill be there with bells on.



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          Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

          im planning to go for the first time... is it good ???!?


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            Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

            Hi all!

            The wife and I are making the trip up from Melbourne...I convinced her that plenty of chocolate will be amongst the coffee...... I hope I am right!!!

            I am keen to visit any arranged CS event, even if a fellow snob has a stall to congregate around or similar? Pinot? FC?

            Perhaps a meeting point/cafe that is well regarded by NSW CSs?

            Go on New South, show us Victorians how it is done! ;D




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              Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

              Only 10 days to go.


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                Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

                Thanks for the reminder (note to self... must tell the boss I wont be in on the monday)

                I fly-up at 8am and should be at the Rocks late morning. Should the CSrs all try and meet somewhere at... umm... errr... say 2pm?


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                  Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

                  As per private mail to you Andy, I will be helping on the "Crema Magazine" stand for the day. Anyone who wishes to drop buy and make themselves known will be most welcome, nothing like a bit of face to face chatter to build some good will amongst all us anonymous members who would otherwise seem to live inside computer monitors.

                  The stand is outside somewhere, dont know where, but I am sure it is not inside the terminal with all the electrical appliances.

                  If we are lucky we might have a machine on in the stand with which to make our own coffee, our own way, for the day.



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                    Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

                    Sounds good, Crema Magazine stand it is!


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                      Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

                      Ive been to the festival for the past few years, and it is a good morning out (and even better when the weather co-operates). If you try hard not to be too snoby its probably more enjoyable too. Not everyone on the stalls have the same level of interest in coffee as we do here.

                      Unfortunately Im going to be in WA on the 24th so I wont be able to make it this time. It would have been great to meet some of you guys

                      But itll be nice having a holiday


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                        Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

                        Holidays are great!

                        If you are in Perth that weekend you might try and make it to the Perth Roaster day and catch some snobs ....


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                          Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

                          Curses! Im going to the Land Rover Expo at Penrith.



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                            Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

                            After much begging, pleading and a large bribe (not sure who did that-nor in which direction it went ... ) Ill be up for the weekend and on the Monte Coffee (another bean alliance brand) stand all day on Sunday....

                            Hope to see a few of you up there and looking forward to pulling a few shots!  ;D


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                              Re: Aroma Coffee Festival - July 24th

                              Thats great news Chris.

                              ...although I do wonder why they hold it in Sydney?

                              You are going up (melb), AJzCafe is going (melb), me (melb),
                              FC (act), Sharkboy (newcastle), Silverpearl (??)

                              ...there is next to no interest from all our Sydney friends.

                              They sure are a shy lot up north. :

                              I vote we move it to Melbourne next year. ;D