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Easter Show - Sydney

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  • Easter Show - Sydney

    I was not expecting too much coffee wise at the show yesterday when my wife and I went for the first time in a few years.

    However there were a couple of surprises.

    By 3pm i needed my caffeine fix and thought I might as well bite the bullet and down something before I ended up with a withdrawal headache.

    We were in the Arts pavilion and had just finished viewing all the paintings.
    The was a café at one end. On closer inspection the machine was a Rancillio and they were using Mocopan coffee.
    There was a young guy driving the machine and the owner/manager was taking orders at the till.

    He asked me what I wanted and I said a "special coffee".
    I explained that he could charge me for a double shot flat white but that I wanted to tell the young bloke how to make it.

    Got off to abad start when the young bloke proffered up a flat white before I could give him my requirements.
    Seems like he half heard my conversation with the boss and made the flat white.

    When I explained what I wanted him to do he binned the first one and stared again.

    I asked him to prepare a double shot and hit the single shot button on the machine and then to make my flat white.

    I told him that if Id have mentioned a ristretto most "baristas" wouldnt know what I was talking about.
    (I was hoping that if the shot blonded too quickly, which most seem to do, then this way my help the taste)

    He said from what he knew, a ristretto involved changing the grind.
    I congratulated him on his knowledge and said that I wasnt prepared to ask him to do that, considering the situation, and that this way was cheating but similar as far as I was concerned.

    I tahnked him and went off to my table where I found it was too hot to drink immediately and the milk was thin but at least the coffee was OK once I could drink it.

    I found a stall in the food pavilion (IIRC) selling coffee beans as well as coffee.
    There seemed to be all preground on display so I asked of they had whole beans.
    They did.
    Two types.

    One was called Tweed Valley from guess where?
    The other was Tanna from Vanuatu.

    The owner said hed been perfecting his Tweed coffee for 12 years and the Tanna stuff for 9 but reckoned the Tanna stuff was better.

    I bought one of each and had him make a long black of the Tanna for my wife.
    He asked her how she had her long blacks. A good point I though as some people have different ideas on what a long black is.

    I had a sip of it. No bitterness or sour taste. Overall a strong coffee taste is the best I can come up with and it was a 50/50 blend of his medium and dark roasts.

    Ive been drinking the Tweed coffee today and my mother visited and had one with my wife.
    No bad comments (and theyre used to my good stuff).

    Overall I think the Tweed stuff is OK but no better than anything Ive roasted.

    Worryingly were the use by dates.

    When questione he said both were about 10 days post roast.
    The use by said 04/08.

    If that means 4th August at least its about a 4 month go to whoa period.

    I dont think it meant April 08, which would be closer to my likings.

    Ill report on the Tanna when Ive tried it.

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    Re: Easter Show - Sydney

    Hi TG,

    I remember that guy, I chatted with him at last years Easter Show... I wanted to buy some greens (A full 60KG bag) and he wasnt interested :-(


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      Re: Easter Show - Sydney

      I didnt even broach the subject of greens.


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        Re: Easter Show - Sydney

        Yeah I got one from the Tweed Valley crew too when I went last week. It was good, but not anything special - solid though. I didnt buy any beans as turned the bag upside down and saw the "used by" date. That was all the coffee I was tempted to have at the Easter Show.