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whats with the stopwatches?

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  • whats with the stopwatches?

    yesterday i had ANOTHER customer timing my coffees - this one was waiting on a large skinny cappuccino with two sugars (of course...what else!), and she actually had her watch off and was monitoring how long it took to produce her beverage

    we were pretty busy at the time with at least 10 customers waiting on orders, and I estimate hers too 3 1/2 to 4 mins max to make

    and when I called out her order I saw her stop her watch, smile, and walk away - so Im assuming thats a good thing - but who knows?

    my one explanation that did come to me is that there are now 24 cafes on campus that Im aware of (with more on the way watch this space) - and I know that in some you can wait 10 mins plus for crap coffee, so maybe she was just comparing horses for courses - in which case I think that we should stack up quiet well..

    does this mark a new trend in the consumer experience?

    should I be providing dockets for customers with the time that the order is taken, and have this linked to a calibrated clock above the coffee machine, so that they can count off the seconds themselves, without having to revert so some personal and potentially cumbersome timing device?

    or does this simply mark the demise of quality espresso, as the demand for customer convenience marches endlessly onward?


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    Re: whats with the stopwatches?

    I guess if you hit a quiet patch you can have a "Made in two minutes or its free" promotion......


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      Re: whats with the stopwatches?

      Maybe the students are entertaining themselves, comparing cafes, or playing mind games with you? If its the latter, then it seems like theyre winning! ;D

      I dont think its a new trend though - we have progressed to become a society expecting and almost reliant on instant gratification and there are plenty of examples of that.

      One of my personal favourites was when the staff at Maccas would apologise because there was going to be a 47 second wait on the burger. Interesting to see that they have recently taken a different approach.

      Slow down - smell the roses.