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  • Tea, the other coffee

    I was never a big tree drinker in my younger days as I found it lacking in complexity and uninspiring for my palatte.

    Last year I took the plunge(!) and on impulse bought a packet of Japanese Genmaicha. This is pretty weird looking tea as it is made from bancha or sencha (green) leaves mixed with roasted rice. The result is a intriguing nutty flavoured drink that looks a bit like piss but I very much enjoy.

    This year I decided to have another dip into the tea pool(!) and bought some Japanese Houjicha which is roasted green tea leaves and twigs that has more body and a smokey flavour.

    Suddenly I had some interesting alternatives for late night and mid morning coffees! (I find I need to give my palette a break from coffee occasionally).

    With the recent tea poll I umd and ahd and ultimately missed out on any Indian Darjeeling. Curiousity had set in so I ended up getting a couple of orange pekoe teas from China. One is China Yunnan OP and the other China Keemun OP. Interestingly the Chinese drink almost no roasted tea and most of it is produced for export.

    The aromatics and flavour in these teas is wonderful and if you have never been a big tea drinker because those little bags just taste like bitter/flavourless cardboard I can recommend having another go at some fresh tea.

    I bought mine from The Tea Centre which is a wonderful smelling shop. Packed in an airtight container, tea will last 6-9 months.

    Im keeping my eyes open for the next tea poll Andy!

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    Re: Tea, the other coffee

    I agree Wired, I like good coffee and good tea! It is a pity that you didnt get to try the dargeeling. I am glad there is another green tea liker here as well... so we can sway andy.


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      Re: Tea, the other coffee

      There are just sooo many choices, I almost dont know what to try next... just kidding . Im looking forward to the next Tea Poll too, or is that Tea for Two.. Sorry :P