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  • Coffee in Adelaide

    Hi Everyone,

    Angela and I have just had a few days in our old home town of Adelaide.

    Whilst there we had the great pleasure of meeting with, talking at length and tasting some great coffee from Mark Barun ........ aka The Coffee Barun.

    It was a real pleasure, thanks Mark. and the PNG Blend tastes fantastic.

    So for all those CSs in Adelaide or just visiting, get along to Marks shop on Main North Rd at Sefton Park, and enjoy some great coffee and conversation.

    Cheers Gazz

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    Re: Coffee in Adelaide

    Hi Mr & Mrs Gazz

    It was a great pleasure to talk and drink coffee with you guys.

    Thank you for the kind words, we appreciate the support and look forward to catching up again next time youre in town.

    If you want to try any other blends please let me know. We love to share the enjoyment of fresh coffee and are always happy to send our coffee across the country to satisfy the tastebuds of fellow coffee lovers.

    All the best