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Thundergods PNG Kimel - The Story of

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  • Thundergods PNG Kimel - The Story of

    A few people have asked how I come to have over 30kg of PNG Kimel on hand.

    So heres to story.....

    About this time last year (while I was still out of work after 9 months) I spotted a hole on that auction site I thought I could fill.

    No one was selling green beans.
    Plenty of brown to be had but no green.

    So I asked Hazel where I could get some green beans and she gave me the name of a wholesaler she knows.
    I rang and introduced myself and he agreed to sell me a 60kg bag of greens.
    He said he wouldnt normally sell less than 1 tonne but would make an exception for me.  :-?

    The Kimel was the best he had at the time and so thats why its the one I have.

    The Bay of Evils thing didnt work out.
    I made one sale and got excellent feedback for it but some of the existing roasted bean sellers immediately jumped on my idea and started offering green beans as well.

    One in particular undercut my price by a few cents and upped the kg amount a little as well to try and make my offer look worse.
    I was a bit upset by this at first as theyd been selling roasted for quite some time and one even sells machines.
    None of them had seen the opportunity to sell green before I came along and to me it seemed greedy.

    Im over those feelings now as the green sales didnt work for them either.
    Strange. People buy almost anything on that site but green coffee beans just dont attract buyers.

    The good news is I had lots of beautiful Kimel left over for myself and a few friends and work colleagues.

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    Re: Thundergods PNG Kimel - The Story of

    Aar the bay of evil claims another victim.  Its not easy selling on the evil one, competition is fierce as you found out,.. but its also so much more work than one thinks.

    I was selling there too for a while too,. and it can be really tough to build up a reputation and gain the confidence of buyers initially. I got there but I went in with the plan to get 100% positive feedback with 100 sales,.. starting all of them at .99c with no reserve. I was prepared to lose money on these and did with some (all jewellery that I made btw), but some I made an absolute fortune on (1 ring, 5-10mins to make, approx$2:50 in sterling silver,.. sold for $158US!!! ),.. from about the 50th sale onwards as my regular buyers began to fight for them once they had won previous auctions and seen the quality first hand.

    So if things were going so well,.. why did I stop? It was a tonne of work (making the jewellery, after sale paperwork, record keeping, wrapping, packaging, trips to the post office,.. photographing, image prep, uploading images and doing up new auctions - tho doing new auctions are easier now I believe,..etc),..and at the time,.. all this took me away from what was needed to run a young family and keep the house clean and family fed,.... = conflict  : >

    It can work,.. but its a pain in the butt to maintain.


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      Re: Thundergods PNG Kimel - The Story of

      I helped my son successfully sell a lot poker chip sets he imported.
      So Ive been through the tonne of paperwork, post office, courier thing.
      I think he imported 500 sets IIRC. There are still a few in my garage. :

      I started the green bean thing under a different user ID with a coffee themed name as I want to keep my "Thundergod" one rather than change it just to keep the ratings.
      I figured that I could start from scratch again like the first time but it wasnt meant to be this time.

      The other thing is that I have too much respect for Andy to be using the same name to sell green beans that I use on this forum.
      Even though my name goes back over 30 years it didnt feel right.