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  • Buying Cups. Where?

    My last thread here didnt bring much response so Ill try a different subject line.
    Just wondering where in Melbourne people buy their coffee cups? The local Max or Home shop stocks nice maxwell and williams but I am looking for  good solid coffee cups/mugs with the more rounded bottoms. Any suggestions.

    Greg (Crowie)

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    Re: Buying Cups. Where?

    Hello Greg,

    We stock ACF cups in 70, 170 and 210mL sizes.  The 70 and 170mL cups are what we use for barista competitions.  Nice and narrow, rounded bottoms to help retain the crema and a latte-art friendly curve.  The glaze is good enough that the cups hold their lustre after several years of cafe use, provided that they are cleaned properly.  At the moment, we stock white only as the finish on some of the last batch of brown cups that we received was not up to the standard we expect from ACF.  Theyre not cheap, though, at $62.50 for half a dozen cappuccino cups.

    Decent cafe style cups are surprisingly difficult to find in Melbourne, but you might like to also try hospitality supply stores, such as Cedar in Sydney Road.  Theres also a decent store in Nicholson St.  They are more likely to stock AFC, Dudson and chinese cups.  Make sure that your wallet is full if you visit one of those places; theyre always full of reasonably priced kitchen gadgets.  (Tonnes of moulds and nifty gadgets like speed peelers.)  If you like dual-walled glass, the dual-walled bodum stuff is available in many sizes at a lot of the more mainstream kitchen stores.

    Hope that helps,



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      Re: Buying Cups. Where?

      Thanks Luca.
      Ill jump on your web page and have a look. I just know that my white maxwell and williams cups are ok for plunger coffee or hot chocolate, but when it comes to making a shot, the base is very wide and flat and the wall of the cup is thin so the heat goes out of the cup quickly. I have some other thicker walled cups (chino or some such name) but they are a bit big.

      Ill start saving for the ACFs - maybe a birthday gift.