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Thanks to all for great advice

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  • Thanks to all for great advice

    I havent bean on for a while but I would love to take this opportunity to thank everyone who offered advice when I was so very new to making my own coffee.
    Thanks to all of you, I can now make a real mean bean cup of coffee.
    Im so sorry I cant remember your names but you may remember me and know that I am thanking you.
    Have a great day/night everyone and thank you all again,
    Sincerely dippy1  

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    Re: Thanks to all for great advice

    Well since you dont remember any names, Ill step up and say youre welcome


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      Re: Thanks to all for great advice

      You havent posted since August Lynn.
      What have you been up to?
      Have you got a grinder yet?


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        Re: Thanks to all for great advice

        Yes, I do have a grinder now. I bought a sunbeam one, cafe series to go with my sunbeam coffee maker. It took a couple of months to get the grind right tho, .
        The only problem I am still having is the lack of crema but the coffee turns out really smooth and tasty with a lovely creamy froth. So, I have decided not to get too fazed about the crema.
        Well, thanks again for the help and I will be back to check out different things. My next buy will be coffee from coffeehit, I have to try their ultimate coffee!!