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  • Introducing myself

    GDay everyone.
    I registered here back in March but it took me a few months to get my machine....I have a Silvia and Rocky. I am still very new to all of this.
    I am making cups of coffee that impress friends, but I know that they are not great by any means. I have tried Fatboys coffees and mine pale in comparison. lol
    I have been getting some good tips from Fatboy though.....thanks Fatboy.

    I have just ordered my first lot of green looking forward to having them arrive. I only have a popcorn machine (with a melted plastic top hahaha) at the moment...but looking to get a roaster maybe for Xmas.

    It is great to read everyones posts and I am learning a lot. I have not contributed to any discussions yet though...I just do not know enough yet and feel like a dill. lol


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    Re: Introducing myself

    Welcome to the Club Millydog. Stick around for awhile and in no time at all youll be an Ol Smokey.

    Java "Too much smoke is a bad thing, but theres no such thing as too many beans!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Re: Introducing myself

      Welcome to the posts, Millydog. Hope your knowledge of coffee is increasing. We all start off as dills, as you put it, blank canvases on which those who have ventured before us write what they themselves have learned.
      The sum total must be good for the preparation and enjoyment of the beverage.


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        Re: Introducing myself


        A very wholehearted welcome from us all here at CS..... Great to hear that Fatboys been helping you out, were all in the same boat (well at least some of us are) we all have so much to learn and I think its great that were all here and were all willing to share our knowledge. I know that many here have made some very good friends that will will ast for many years to come. I hope this will be the case with you as well.....

        Consider yourself the fish thats been hooked........ Now get roasting... and Grind away and produce that dark liquid that we all love so much..... ;D

        Welcome once again



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          Re: Introducing myself

          Welcome to CoffeeSnobs Millydog ;D,

          Its great to see new members signing on and as the others have said, we all do our best to help each other out and Im sure we all remember when we first started off too. I think the description of "dill" is a bit harsh though, more like "newbie barista" I think hits the mark .

          I tell you what though, youre way ahead of the game with the equipment you have kitted yourself out with... not a lot of gear around thats better than this combo and there is a wealth of knowledge to be found, in this forum and plenty of others but we take pride on being a pretty friendly and approachable bunch of geeks and snobs. Never hesitate to ask about anything to do with the art and science of coffee, chances are that someone has already resolved the problem or one of our resident professionals may chip in with some great advice.

          Hope you have a really enjoyable time with us here at CS and were really glad that you have become one of the fray. All the best and Happy Brewing [smiley=thumbsup.gif],



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            Re: Introducing myself

            Welcome to the public side Millydog.

            In no time at all you will make the next transition to offering help to someone newer and greener than yourself.

            Thats the fun of the CoffeeSnobs community... helping each other improve their coffee and striving for the coffee nirvana.

            Enjoy it!!!


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              Re: Introducing myself

              Thankyou for such a good welcome everyone.
              When you are a newbee it seems a bit daunting to come out and make a post. It seems that everyone else knows so much and you worry that you will say something so stupid that everyone else will wonder what you are doing here.....or maybe I am just speaking for myself.
              You have all made me feel at home I will do more reading of posts and I am sure that I will be asking the basic questions. At the moment I am trying to get my milk frothing right...and still not getting it. I think I am using too much milk....need to practise that more. Pity my husband does not drink coffee because that would give me more practise. As it is, I am trying not to over do it myself since I am trying for a second child. One coffee per day it is for me at the moment.

              Mal, the Rocky and Silvia was recommended by Fatboy (who is one of my husbands mates)...and then I came on here and read that it was highly got it from the start and glad I did.

              Andy, small world...I live in Lara (a hop and a skip from Geelong) and it seems that we know some of the same people.



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                Re: Introducing myself

                Hi Millydog, let me add my welcome too!

                What you say is exactly how I felt last year in Feb when I got my machine from my lovely fiancee (now wife!) and started reading coffeegeek. Dont worry! Were here to help! And one day soon, youll be telling us things that we never knew about espresso!

                Milk frothing was something I struggled with for a while too - my wife hates (intensely hates!) coffee, so I decided to make hot chocolates for her - I make a shot of hot chocolate with powder and 30mls boiling water, and go from there as if I was making/pouring a coffee - It gave me lots more opportunities to practice not only milk frothing, but latte art too! And they taste good! Now were both happy! If your hubby drinks hot choccies, then theres your opportunity.



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                  Re: Introducing myself

                  Hi Matt,
                  Thanks for the welcome.
                  Thanks also for saying you felt the same way when you started out. I guess we all have to start somewhere, right.

                  The hot chocolate idea is a good one. My husband does drink hot chocolate and so does my 3yo daughter (although she calls it coffee)....but they do not have it much....but they might just find themselves having more now.
                  I got a few practises in tonight because my husband has a coffee drinking friend over. I used less milk and got better results. Still not perfect, and I need to learn how to do the latte art still...but I was pleased with tonights progress.



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                    Re: Introducing myself

                    "choco-chinos" are the gastronomic highlight of my kids day!

                    You can always post a pictue of your latte art of milk frothing in a post and fellow CSrs will be only to happy to offer some tips.

                    The "milk gurus" are really good at picking texture and technique traints from a good digital pic.

                    ...and never worry about being a "newbie"... we all are to some degree, even the lifelong experts are learning something every week and even after 100s of years of coffee production the professionals are still looking for the perfect cuppa.

                    That is the real beauty of espresso.

                    Enjoy your coffee!


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                      Re: Introducing myself

                      Hey Millydog,

                      Youve inspired me. I recently became a member and this is my first post.

                      I too have recently purchased Miss Silvia and Rocky based largely on great feedback from sites such as this. She has shown me that she can produce shots which are better than most cafes but occasionally throws out a wobbly which I drink as incentive to improve!

                      While it has been too daunting to make specific posts on some of the teasing issues that Ive had, the wealth of information in this site has been fantastic in helping me improve the consistency of my shots.

                      I have about 75 more questions which Ill ask as my confidence grows.

                      BTW, I live at Bannockburn (just around the corner). Seems like a chunk of this community is in the neighborhood!




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                        Re: Introducing myself

                        Hello millydog,
                        Im another new fella, hardly posted but been trying to catch up on the reading material around here, which as double_shot said, has helped me improve my shots immensely.