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    Perhaps something similar already exists (sweet marias) but I wouldnt mind trying to gather information on green beans.
    More specifically information that will be useful for home roasting. The sort of stuff that pro roasters usual spout out without even thinking about it. Kind of a profile or info file for beans CS has offered in the past, offer presently and in the future.
    Information might include:

    Geographic origin
    Plant variety
    Altitude grown
    Density (related to altitude)
    Method of processing
    Bag information

    A lot of the things listed above are mentioned when the coffee is offered, but I was hoping we could build a library of shared knowledge that home roasters could consult. Perhaps some cupping or roast degree suggestions would be appropriate?
    This information seems to be available if you search a in a few different places, but I was hoping we could gather it all in one easy to consult area. Information relating to process method as it pertains to roasting and flavour characteristics would be handy too.
    Any thoughts? Pro roasters input would be invaluable.