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  • Fresh bean :o)

    Hey there!
    Im new as a member, but have been enjoying your hospitality for a while, reading post after post ... as addictive as the coffee!
    I decided to dive in (coffee-wise) fairly recently - bought a breville Icon - and have been experimenting with coffee Ive ground at the local supermarket. Do you have that in Oz supermarkets? I ground some beans at 3 different fineness settings and whisked the results away home (10mins!) to try them out I can see now how important it is it have fresh ground coffee - the flavour and fullness was so much better than any pre-packeged stuff.
    Next thing, I was lucky enough to pick up an Anfim grinder, which looks like itll do a fine job
    AND .... about half an hour ago, I got a Saeco Chic on our trademe site here in NZ. Theres a post on this site showing one, which convinced me that itd be worth a go ... well see
    I want to say thanks for all the knowledge and experience youve all been sharing - it has made the whole adventure a lot of fun!
    Oooops! long first post .....

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    Re: Fresh bean )

    We used to have grinders in supermarkets but I havent seen one for years.

    The Anfim sounds like a good find.

    Have fun!


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      Re: Fresh bean )

      Your next step is to use fresh beans--no more than 3 weeks from roasting, and NOT stored in vacuum-packets.
      I suggest you find yourself a local roaster, not a supermarket. Or go whole hog and start roasting your own beans!
      Beware--this obsession is hard on the wallet.


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        Re: Fresh bean )

        Ah yes .... Ive just found a fantastic place called peoples coffee, which sells several kinds of coffee beans, all fairtrade, and the coffee they make is fab! I have a local! ;D For now, at least, I have enough caffine toys to keep me occupied .... for now ...