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  • decafsux
    Re: Scottish Coffee

    Its interesting to think that pre industrial revolution home coffee roasting was the norm, and later on pre ground packaged coffee was pitched as new and trendy while home roasting was for the poor!

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  • Springbok
    started a topic Scottish Coffee

    Scottish Coffee

    Hi all,

    Thought you might like to hear a quaint story - Over the weekend I was telling my 82 year old mother about my coffee roasting ventures and she then told me about her grandmother in Dundee, Scotland who apparently used to roast her own coffee around about 1905 - 1914.

    This was doubly amazing for around those times very few people drank coffee in Scotland let alone roasted coffee, tea being the main drink apart from Whisky ofcourse but you know what I mean...

    They werent sure where she got the green beans from but she roasted them in the wood fired oven , ground them with a pestle and mortar and brewed the coffee in an iron pot - this was told to my mother by her mother - and the coup de grace to settle the coffee grounds she used to drop a small red hot coal from the fire into the coffee pot before serving...

    See I knew I got it from somewhere..


    David - Brisbane