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Knock box design / use question

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  • Knock box design / use question

    So I will need a knock box.
    I have been giving it a bit of thought and talking to some people.
    It seems that many knock boxes out there have the bashing cross-bar right through the centre of the cylinder. This is ok if you just want to bash the PF against it and let the puck break in half and make a mess etc.
    My technique at the moment is to bash the PF against something right near the top of the PF, the opposite side to the handle. So if I were to use that technique against a knock box with the rod through the middle, the puck would need to fall between the rod and the front of the knock box. This, in my mind, makes for less room for the puck to fall and could be prone to messy misses.

    Are there any knock boxes out there that cater for this - that have the rod set further back in the cylinder?
    What do people use as a knock box? What is your design, and technique?
    Where did you get it?
    What is the diameter of the cylinder? Are those narrower ones really okay?

    I imagine buying one that is quite small, I dont want one that is going to take up too much bench space, and I want to be able to easily clean it.
    Hey theres a thought, are they dishwasher OK?

    Any advice / suggestions appreciated.

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    Re: Knock box design / use question

    i did the same , Adam, knocking at the top of the PF.. until i got a knock box
    it comes very natural to hit the bar with the middle of the PF.

    the small one we have on the bench  certainly is dishwasher safe; we got it from Coffeeparts
    ( ): it is the mini benchtop version.
    it holds just enough pucks to get me through the day, (about 6-7).



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      Re: Knock box design / use question

      Both knock boxes that I use have very different designs. One is round and the other is a rectangle.

      Both homemade. Both do the job equally well.

      I think the most important thing is that the knock bar is down in the box. If it is set too high, you will find that when you bang out the pf, coffee will splash everywhere and not just in the box!

      Why does your puck need to be whole when it hits the bottom of the box anyway?

      Mine usually stay whole as what happens when I hit them out is by the second bang as you raise the pf, the puck falls out and drops to the bottom of the bin.

      Gravity...its a wonderful thing!


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        Re: Knock box design / use question

        Hi tasadam
        We have a standard sunbeam knock, knock. Why? Because i happened to have a DJs voucher and happened to wandering through the store when i saw one.
        Surpisingly it is well designed and holds at least 20 pucks, i just knock the PF on the bar and the puck falls out, i dont try and hit the cross bar at any specific location on the PF.

        For home ingenuity i have seen people fashion them out of PVC drain pipe fitted into a timber base with a timber cross piece covered in rubber that works quite well.



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          Re: Knock box design / use question

          Thanks for the replies. Ill post what I end up with.