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Bean counting - hopperless grinding?

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  • Bean counting - hopperless grinding?

    Does anyone have a view on the notion that beans in the grinders hopper are required to add weight to those being ground so that they are done properly?  Its one of those things that sounds ridiculous until you actually see what happens when youre grinding the last few in the hopper. One wonders that maybe theres something to that school of thought. I like the idea of spooning in enough beans for the shot (and that shot only) and leaving the hopper empty.  Some people suggest ditching the hopper, spooning in the grounds and putting something like a heavy tamper on top of the grinder to stop the beans popping out.
    Any thoughts?  Might be a way for Mazzer owners to stop their grinders scraping the ceiling!

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    Re: Bean counting - hopperless grinding?

    I use the cheapo double ended alum tamper that comes as a freebie with many machines. I leave the hopper off and pour just enough for what Im brewing up right then into the throat and put the tamper in on top of them. Its a perfect fit and can be used to maintain a constant pressure on the beans up until the last few, which it prevents from jumping out and doing their cryptic rune writing dance on the ceiling. ;D

    If the throat on your grinder is large enough to hold a dose of beans and you can find a tamper or some other item that fits it give it a shot and decide for yourself. If you dont like it or youre doing larger quantities of beans just pop the hopper back on, no harm done.

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