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  • BOPping

    How about some more of that excellent Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe Andy - at our house weve worked our way through 1.5kgs and are getting perilously close to the end of our supplies.

    Its our standard morning drink, before we move on to coffee of course.

    An observation - the BOP Koslanda was about half way between Dilmah and the best quality BOP - based on my limited understanding (aka taste). The really expensive BOPs tend to be very weak and all fragrance/aromatics - whereas its vice versa for Dilmah (which seems to have declined in quality as it has gained market share in Australia - becoming less fragrant/stronger over time).

    So if possible (?) you might think about moving up one quality/price point notch with the BOP. Certainly not to the top of the grade, but a little bit more fragrance would be nice from my perspective.

    That said, I dont want to knock it - very happy to take another 4 kgs of that Koslanda if that is what you can source.



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    Re: BOPping

    I really enjoy this one to be honest..... Dont think I would like too much more fragrance or aromatics at the expense of the rich body of this tea. Strikes a very happy medium with us here at home 8-),



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      Re: BOPping

      Originally posted by slowdown link=1209643115/0#0 date=1209643115
      weve worked our way through 1.5kgs and are getting perilously close to the end of our supplies.
      You must be drinking it too fast.
      Slow down.


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        Re: BOPping

        Well, I managed to source a kg of  Koslanda domestically - a simple google turned it up.

        Was a bit more expensive than on CS, and probably a quality point or two (or whatever gradations tea strainers use) down the fragrance versus strong scale.

        Still, a very clean tasting, fine tea.

        So, given the CS quality, I still will be looking to garner a bit more market share if it ever comes up on CS again.