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  • a new cafe to rave about!

    For the past few months, my constant rant has been the lack of drinkable coffee in Epping. If Im not at home and getting desperate, the bookshop has at times been ok. But theyre not consistent enough.

    Then theres the Italian cafe across the road - but they insist on making mt everest cappuccinos, with masturbation-style milk frothing techniques, spooned onto yucky, stale segafredo.

    For the past few weeks, Ive noticed a cafe across the road from my unit being built, and Id been thinking that it was just going to be another poor excuse for coffee. Boy, was I wrong! Cafe Topiary is great!

    I walked in, and noticed (in order) a Mazzer Super jolly, a La Marzocco Linea, and Nuova Point Espresso and Capp cups - these are nice cups that most cafes dont use.

    I asked the friendly people there what coffee they use - and heres where my opinion changed in an instant - they use campos coffee. I cant imagine campos providing coffee, machines and grinders to a place that makes bad coffee, and I imagine that theyd provide pretty good training. They Do!

    While it wasnt the best coffee in the world (the barista said she was still getting the hang of frothing milk - and she really seemed to care about it), it certainly was, and is the best coffee in Epping. After my flat white and some lunch there, I got up to order a ristretto, and was given three! Well, three to try - the barista was also getting the hang of adjusting the grind, and she wanted me to try ristrettos until she got it right.

    By the sounds of it, Campos are sending people out regularly to give ongoing training, and this makes me a very happy customer - with their attitude to getting coffee right, and general friendliness, Cafe Topiary will just keep getting better and better. So if youre in the Epping area, get there! Theyre on Rawson St, Epping (across the rd from coles), and if you plan on going, shoot me an email, and Ill meet you there!