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  • Tasmanian coffee goodness

    Ive just returned from a weeks holiday in Tassie. It didnt take long before I was searching for a decent coffee. When in unknown territory I always go for cappuccinos, as its easier to find something drinkable.

    First stop, a cafe on the way to Port Arthur. Usual story, Lavazza beans = stale coffee.

    Next try, Coles Bay. A bakery using an ECM machine and Oomph! coffee. I asked if the coffee was fresh and the proprieter replied, "yes, freshly opened from a vacuum sealed bag".... Hmmmm???!!! Okay Ill have a cappuccino then... Ding! Not bad at all, and not stale beans.

    Next stop, a bakery in Bicheno. A similar ECM machine and Oomph! coffee. Same result. Very good cappa.

    So to find the home of Oomph! coffee. Our last astop was Hobart. While walking to a restraunt in Hampton road, Battery point, we walked past a shop that had a large coffee roaster in the window. It was called, Tasmanian Gourmet Coffee Company. It was the home of Oomph!

    Next day I had to pay a visit. They advertised an impressive range of blends and single origin coffees. I orderd a cappuccino and was rewarded with a superb drink. Everything in balance. The owner/roaster is one Carlos Kindred. We had a pretty decent chat about all things coffee. They were obviously passionate about their coffee. Just watching the care in the preparation was amasing. Not only were substandard shots binned, but also substandard milk preparation was relegated to the sink. Carlos roasted up some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for me to take home. I asked how fresh there stock of SO beans was, and they said about 2 weeks. But Carlos offered to roast me a fresh batch. Hows that for customer service! I came back in the afternoon and it was all done. I had another cappa and walked away with some nice fresh beans to try.

    All in all, a very interesting holiday.

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    Re: Tasmanian coffee goodness

    Thats a good wrap for Oomph! Sounds like they deserve it too.

    Its great to find top service and people that care (in any industry)


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      Re: Tasmanian coffee goodness

      Yippee! Finally, someone giving Tassie coffee a decent rap!!

      Since Ive moved to Hobart, Ive found nothing but good coffee shop after good coffee shop.. Another good one to try is Breadd in Murray Street (Oomph coffee blends) , and Phoenix Tea House on Elizabeth Street Mall.



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        Re: Tasmanian coffee goodness

        I have just returned to Canberra from four days working in Hobart and was about to give the same guys a rap. For anyone down that way they are in Hamden Rd, Battery point (a great place to eat by the way - top pizza place and also Indian... but I digress.)

        What I really liked about this place was the level of preparation put into the coffee and the real coffee choices, doppio esspresso, ristreto, piccolo latte etc as well as a few grinders (mazzers I think) going with a single origin, decaf and also the blend of the day.

        Because of work I was time limited so managed to grab a doppio espresso which was served with a glass of water (without asking) and followed it up with a piccolo latte. Both were very good.

        On the down side I was a bit frustrated that they didnt open till 8.30 as I generally walked by earlier so only was able to get in one morning and went back again another lunch time.

        All in all though a great cafe experience.


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          Re: Tasmanian coffee goodness

          Hmm... Spyder what were you doing in Hobart? A conference?


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            Re: Tasmanian coffee goodness

            Can I just say that I think anything that ends up in Port Arthur gets stale on the way ;D


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              Re: Tasmanian coffee goodness


              Hobart visit was for work at Anglesea Barracks rather than a conference. Ive been down quite a few times now and am quite a Hobart fan - I always enjoy my time down there. Since getting a good set up at home and a steady supply of fresh beans (usually from our site sponsor FC) Ive come to enjoy my daily coffee (both the preparation and consumption), but is nice to know where to find a good cup when Im away.