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  • CosmoreX Barista Course

    This is my first message and I would like to thank all contributers to this site. I have learnt so much from reading about various topics. Are there any Canberra snobs out there who have done the CosmoreX coffee course? If so, did you find it worthwhile for a newbie? Thanks

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    Re: CosmoreX Barista Course

    I keep meaning to, and Nicole (from Cosmorex) kindly called me about a dozen times as courses were coming up before I realised that Id never have Thursday nights free and wouldnt be able to do the course.

    It sounds like a good course for beginners and not-so-beginners, I wanted to do it to validate my technique and see if they could offer any useful tips on making latte art with soya milk (the down side of being vegan is that soya milk is horrible for steaming) - maybe Ill make it one day.

    My Silvias been at Cosmorex for almost two weeks after a boiler repair they did left her with electrical problems. Think Im getting separation anxiety...

    Id love to hear what you think of the course if you end up going.