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Nigaraguan hard to roast ?

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  • Nigaraguan hard to roast ?

    Hello All,

    My first post, so hello to the other 49 of us! We are Bob & Jane (well, Im Jane, but Bobs around here somewhere) and are new home roasters & loving it.

    I recall reading one of the posts where it was mentioned that the Nigaraguan beans in the current poll are hard to roast at home - cant find the post now to reply directly to it, but I was wondering why its hard to roast and whether we should let ourselves be influenced by this !? Anyway, weve put ourselves down for some anyway, just curious about what we can expect when we put the beans in our Breville Crazy Popper.

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    Re: Nigaraguan hard to roast ?

    Hi Jane,
    I have not heard that Nicaraguan was hard to roast. As soon as I receive mine I shall let you know


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      Re: Nigaraguan hard to roast ?


      What are the Nigaraguan beans beans like and how much did you roast them..... Why not give us a review from yourself. Personally I havnt ever tried them...... Exciting isnt it!



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        Re: Nigaraguan hard to roast ?

        the maragyp beans are large and keep roasting after the heat is turned off. So a little extra effort has to go in to cooling the roasted bean. In a popper we had to end the roast earlier to get the level of roast we want.
        The first roast I did with them turned black before my eyes but if you get it right its a very nice coffee.
        there aparently are not many farms growing maragyp any more and its getting hard to get.

        Or so "They" say



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          Re: Nigaraguan hard to roast ?

          Hi Ken,
          Ill probably get mine about the same time as you do ;-) Lets see how our reviews compare.

          Hi FB,
          I havent tried them as yet. Well - weve just finished a bag of Nigaraguan that we got elsewhere, but it didnt have any other specific name, so I doubt its the same as these in the co-op. I want to get the Maragyp mainly because I like the other so much - its got a very rounded, almost chocolatey taste ... nice for a moccha or straight black.

          Hi Rich,
          Thanks ... well keep that in mind when we roast our first lot & see how it goes.

          Were really looking forward to getting the package - were down to Vittoria Espresso now, which is nice when its as fresh as this packets been ... but we already miss drinking our own stuff ! Some addictions take such a short time to set in, dont they ;-)

          Jane :-))