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Need help determining value of commercial machine

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  • Need help determining value of commercial machine

    Hi all,
    Does anyone have any idea what the value is of a La Pavoni T 2V Bar Commercial Expresso Machine.
    Bought in 1998 but its a 1996 model. 2 group. Has two filters and a La Pavoni ZIP Commercial Expresso Grinder
    Perfect working condition and recently serviced in December 2007.

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    Re: Need help determining value of commercial mach

    Also, does anyone know what this means?
    2 groups 4370 W. - 3 groups 5465 W.


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      Re: Need help determining value of commercial mach


      Your easy question first....

      The 4370 W rating refers to the number of Watts the unit draws from the mains..... yours is the 2 group so it requires 4370 Watts or about 19 Amps of current. Depending on how the machine is configured this could be either a small 3 phase power supply or a single phase 240V 20 Amp run..... it will need a dedicated run from the power board in both cases and cant use a domestic outlet (unless the machine is modified!)....

      Now to worth.... this is the hard one and will have different answers depending on whether you are the seller or the buyer..... but the real answer is "market value"...... The grinder is probably easily sold for a few hundred dollars.... the machine itself probably about $1000.... could be more if you find someone who really wants that model..... But that auction site is full of 2 group machines which have a reserve of $1500 or more...... and never get a bid!!

      If the machine cant be demonstrated.... that will reduce its worth..... if it hasnt been used in some time.... again that will reduce its value.

      The fact that many coffee shops can sign up for beans..... and be provided with a "free" machine..... reduces the demand for S/H machines...... and most cafes will purchase a brand new machine - with new machine warranty and current model "bling"..... so the second-hand commercial market is limited in that sector.... All second hand machines, no matter how well it is claimed they have been maintained, will be viewed with some suspicion - as reliability is of paramount interest and this maybe an issue with a S/H machine.... Who knows, it might have had suck back of milk into the boiler at some stage..... which virtually makes it a "throw away" if the contamination of the boiler is bad enough.....

      For home use..... a 2 group is big, requires a special power run, needs to be connected to plumbing..... all costing a lot more for installation and reducing its "value"...... whereas a single group will probably just require the plumbing - far more attractive..... and will generally fetch a far higher price than a 2 group....

      Good luck.... but just like second hand "luxury" cars ..... (I recently purchased a 5 year old low mileage car in immaculate condition for less than a quarter of new price.....) these machines dont hold their value once second hand.


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        Re: Need help determining value of commercial mach

        Hey thanks for the info JavaB!


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          Re: Need help determining value of commercial mach

          You can always count on JavaB to give you an absolutely mind blowing answer on absolutely anything you can possibly think of