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Cleaning portafilter - advice?

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  • Cleaning portafilter - advice?

    Does anyone have any advice about cleaning portafilters?
    Do you soak them overnight?
    What do you soak them in?
    Are you mad to soak them?
    Do you soak them in a commercially available product?
    Is backflush detergent recommended?
    Is there a "home recipe" which is exactly the same as this product.

    How often should I do it - my machine does about 6 doubles a day.

    Is a daily rinse in water just as good?

    I use agroup head brush every other day to get out the gunk when the machine is cold and run water through the group without the PF before each shot which always clears out some grinds and oils. I am backflushing with water a couple of times a week.


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    Re: Cleaning portafilter - advice?

    I rinse em and give the baskets a clean with a brush once a day to unblock the holes. Also daily I give the group a clean with the supplied brush and give the grinder a brush out with a pastry brush.
    Once a week I use "Cafetto" cleaning powder to soak my handles and baskets for 10 minutes (luke warm water & 1 scoop).
    I use this for a weekly backflush too as well as giving the grinder hopper a wash in plain warm water.
    Cafetto is really effective and easy to obtain. Im sure you would be able to get it from any of the sponsors here.



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      Re: Cleaning portafilter - advice?

      Also be sure to read the directions on the cleaning solution. Most of the espresso cleaning solutions out there will discolor plastic so you need to be careful when soaking your PFs.

      Im sure that if you bought a cleaner from any of our sponsors that they would be more than happy to explain its usage to you.

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        Re: Cleaning portafilter - advice?

        Havent used chemicals yet in the 8 months weve had ours. But I do notice the usual coffee oil discoularation on the portafilter. Every few days I use a scrubber sponge with warm water that removes the oil. Ditto for the group surface under the shower screen.

        The stainless steel baskets simply do not attract stale oils, none visibly, anyway. A wipe with a sponge and flush with hot water from the tap or coffee machine shower screen keeps them sparkling.

        That also applies for the shower screen-- scrubber sponge and flush.

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          Re: Cleaning portafilter - advice?

          I clean the portafilter, baskets and shower screen every week or 2 in a small bucket (originally used for jam) with some warm water and 1 small measure of espresso cleaner.

          I fill it so that I can stand the portafilter up without the black part getting submerged.

          I only leave the parts soaking for 30-50 minutes and then rinse thorughly (and put water through when re-assembled).

          I find this stuff REALLY gets things clean. Especially noticeable on the spouts of the portafilter.


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            Re: Cleaning portafilter - advice?

            I do the weekly soak in backflush detergent (I also soak the baskets and steam tips).

            One thing I did do first up when my machien first arrived, before pulling any shots was to scour out the inside of the pf with the basket removed, to scrub off the chrome. I read something that a guy called Chris Tacy wrote (malachi on coffeegeek, one of the guys from the podcast group), and experienced with my sunbeam - that the chrome starts to go flaky and can come off into the cup. But also I noticed that chunky flecks of chrome held onto a lot of coffee oil, and on the sunbeam, it was going rancid pretty quickly. So I scoured it all off (just the insides) with a green scouring sponge thingy. I also give it a good scrub to remove any coffee-oil stains, just before soaking for 15 mins in the backflush detergent.