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Coffee Machine Timers?

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    I've got the Evo energy one mentioned above and it's fantastic. The app kinda sucks, however once you've got it working and inserted your kW/h price it's a great little way of tracking your costs. I've got mine integrated with a few Google Assistant routines which work well. It's quite satisfying lying in bed, yelling out "hey google, warm up the coffee machine" and knowing that downstairs it's turning on and 30 mins later will send a reminder to my phone (and smart watch) that the coffee machine is ready to go. I've also got a TP-Link Kasa HS120 which is a variant of one mentioned above that has a built in power meter and it works equally well, with a slightly more user friendly app. It does however lose out in your ability to track the cost of power flowing through the unit.


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      TP-Link HS100 has been perfect.

      App is really user friendly which has worked as it should, has the physical button on the plug for when you rather turn on or more importantly turn off your machine quickly rather than pulling out your phone (if it's even in reach there and then). I usually set a time for it to turn on in the morning and don't bother setting a turn off time so I don't have it turn off mid shot if I got really unlucky from leaving it too late. I also use the app when I'm heading home and need a coffee asap!

      Yep, plug your machine into it, leave your machines switch on. I also wondered the same thing as you before buying one.


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        I use one from Brilliant Smart (officeworks) that has energy monitoring, Google/Alexa support and was one of the few that was narrow enough not to interfere with the outlet beside it. If you have double outlet you need to take care on the width of these things as some will block the other outlet.