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    Hi guys,

    I just got my copy of espresso quest from Instaurator, who was kind enough to sign it for me. Yay.

    I have had a quick skim through it and I would recommend it thoroughly to anyone with 60 bucks to spare and an interest in coffee. Innys writing style is genuine, unique and engaging. The book is written with a narrative that binds the whole thing together, but it is cleverly divided into little snippets of a few pages on a particular subject that you will enjoy reading in isolation (in this respect, its sort of like Herve This excellent book Molecular Gastronomy). Add some superb photography and, somewhat ironically, you have a great coffee table book.

    In terms of content, the book really follows the whole "bean to cup" story, but is written from personal experience. Instaurator despises "data free observations" and clearly enjoys a good experiment. Some of it will leave you wishing for a bit more detail, but, if nothing else, it will get you thinking. The book isnt a guide to making the perfect coffee, but it does contain a good deal of brewing, roasting, growing and processing philosophy. Nor is it simply an autobiography, though it does contain a good deal of personal experience and reflection. Its not a surprise that the by line is simply "the espresso lovers book."

    I got mine direct from Instaurator, but you can get it super-cheap from Andy here.