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Why buy your machine local?

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  • Why buy your machine local?

    Im writing this to outline the hazards associated with buying a heavy 15kg plus coffee machine from a supplier who is not local. In my case I purchased a Makin from Victoria when I live in Newcastle, NSW. Unless the supplier has a local arrangement with warranty repairs the hassle and potential for damage having the machine shipped back and forth is not worth the effort. In my case the machine died within a months and I had to post it back to Melbourne. It got fixed and was returned without incident. Two months later the machine kept tripping the safety circuit in my house. I sent it back and was told that there was nothing wrong with it and that I needed an electrician to fix the wiring in my house... ( my home is 2 years old and I did say it was tripping the circuit breaker rather than the safety switch). As the supplier could find nothing wrong with it I was charged the $40 return freight fee. He advised me he had tried it at 2 premises and neither circuit breaker was tripped. I purchased it from Coffee Talk. It arrived back with a bent top and a small bulge in the side wall where something has moved due to rough handling in freighting. After much frustration I found a local repair shop in Newcastle who pulled it together and identified that as the boiler heated up the pressure valve at the top ( which are not good quality he told me) was spitting out about a teaspoon of water which was running over the boiler and onto the electricals which are located underneath on a lot of Gp 1 machines. He drilled a hole in the bottom of an aluminium film container, and replaced the pressure valve which I though was a unique repair job. It cost me $100 but Im back enjoying coffee and I wont be buying another machine from a supplier that lives any more than a 2-3 hour drive away at most... i.e. Sydney.

    Buy Local...its worth it in the long run with the weight of these things to protect your investment.

    Adam Ant

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    Re: Why buy your machine local?

    A bit of bad luck there Adam.

    When I got my machine there were no suppliers in Sydney that showed much interest in me and then I found this site but there were no Sydney sponsors.

    I ended up buying from a sponsor in Melbourne and luckily for me nothing has gone wrong so I havent had to risk the problems that can come with couriers and heavy coffee machines as youve mentioned.

    It was something I was worried about when trying to find a machine.

    Im glad youre enjoying coffee again.


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      Re: Why buy your machine local?

      I bought a machine from an outfit in sydney which had a minor problem when it arrived - but that was fine as they had a certified local repairer who came to my house within days, did some minor adjustments - and Ive had no problems since!

      But I agree its a good idea to check out after-sales service options before you make an inter-state purchase



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        Re: Why buy your machine local?

        My wife made me buy a machine right there and then as we live in Brisbane we went to visit Barazi and came home with a Domus Galatea

        Have had no machine problems so far but Barazi is a 5 min drive from home.
        So I see your point as downtime or travel time also cuts into coffee drinking time as well

        I am an Ex Pat Novocastrian and visit family regularly