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A better way to make espresso?

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    I take readings from the pressure guage as the shot is being pulled. The blindy helps to get you in the ball park but as the awsomely written L3N said you do not get the same push back as you do with a puck in situ. My tamp is virtually the weight of the Tamper plus a little bit and only a quater twist when lifting the tamper to break any possible vaccuum with the surface of the puck and hopefully release any possible bind with the sides of the basket - all efforts in order to avoid disturbing the integrity of the puck. To be honest I do not detect much overall difference between a heavily tamped or light tamped puck going the 6.5bar route, but occassionally lose puck integrity, noticed through lopsidedness or some sort of channel, using a heavy tamp - after three years - lighter is definately better IMO.


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      Originally posted by level3ninja View Post
      Whether consistently hard is better than consistently soft is still with the judges I reckon. Personally I try not to tamp particularly hard.
      Should have read: "Whether consistently hard is better than inconsistently soft is still with the judges"


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        There are a couple of variables that seem important to get right as you dial in this new low pressure config.

        I forgot to down dose the basket so I could grind finer and still extract in the target range of ~ 40sec.

        Made a world of difference in the cup.

        Oooh - and don't forget you need a couple of hundred gram's of beans to sacrifice to the 'dial-in' & 'taste-in' efforts.

        I'd rate these low pressure concepts as well worth pursuing.



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          Good to experiment but whatever works for you


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            In my mind, espresso is the most complex of the coffee making arts and requires some serious investment if you're looking for both reliable and good. I don't drink espresso, but I do have a nice Keurig machine and I make iced coffee daily using it. So I don't have any personal recommendations, but you can see these guides.