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No Perfect Cup???

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  • No Perfect Cup???

    Dear all

    It has come to my attention that our leader Andy believes there is no such thing as the perfect cup.

    How can this be so?

    We need to address this anomaly before things get out of hand.

    Is there such a thing as a perfect cup, have people seen or tasted one?

    Is chasing one delusion or is this the ecstasy? – will all the angles ever sing in tune as we lift that cup to our lips?

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    Re: No Perfect Cup???

    I often think I have tasted a great or near perfect coffee and then comes along a variety I havent tried in the past and blows that belief out of the window, I think variety is the spice of life, if I drank a perfect coffee everyday it would become the norm and and I would then search for something different or more exciting!!


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      Re: No Perfect Cup???

      There are too many permutations involved with the perfect cup. Thats the beauty of coffee.

      Just enjoy each as it comes and youll never be disappointed.


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        Re: No Perfect Cup???

        Originally posted by Wine_of_the_Bean link=1213665309/0#2 date=1213666711
        There are too many permutations involved with the perfect cup.

        Fiurthermore, what I want in my demitasse today may not be what Im after tomorrow.

        For example, a little while ago I was drinking an awesome blend (not of my own devising), and then got into a bag of Yemen Mokha Mattari. After that, I was really craving a few light bodied, highly acidic espressi. So my idea of the perfect cup varies wildly.


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          Re: No Perfect Cup???

          I dont try to achieve a perfect cup (as it could just be a fluke and it changes day to day as Michelle said) but rather an in depth understanding of the brewing process backed by thoroughly sound technique. Meaning if I take a known bean roasted correctly (thats another whole kettle of fish) I will know in advance what will appear in the cup and how to manipulate these flavours during the brewing process. That is my pinnacle.... for the moment :


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            Re: No Perfect Cup???

            You know, as I sit here eating this apple for lunch, the thought occurred to me, why I have never wanted to look for the perfect apple?

            So why do we particularly look for the perfect cup of coffee?

            Well if you will pardon my philosophising and perhaps stating of the obvious, my thoughts go something like this…

            Coffee is a natural product that has a complex character which is dependant on many things. Like wine it’s a natural product which affected by sunshine, geography, attitude, rainfall and many other variable which all add different things to the final taste of each bean.

            The way beans are harvested and treated before roasting also adds to the complexity of coffee’s taste.

            The way it is prepared by the roster adds even more complexity.

            All of these variables add to our enjoyment of coffee and it is a joy to appreciate that each can be detected in the final taste of each brew.

            Well almost, and here is the best bit, as armature or professional baristas, we can play a role in getting all of these complex flavours, aroma and tastes to express themselves. This is where the fun begins.

            There is a particular set of tools that are required – as we all know the list and quality of grinders and brewing equipment is endless with funds being the only limiting factor.

            There is a technique which needs to be learnt and applied consistently. This bit takes time, effort and discipline.

            The is ongoing learning that needs to take place. A barista needs to learn and apply knowledge about the origin and character of beans to the techniques of brewing and sometimes roasting if they choose.

            This takes even more time as you try to bring the whole symphony together in the gentle extraction of sunlight, rain, altitude and other bits of nature from what amounts to a brown organic dust.

            We kiss nature every time we raise a cup to our lips

            The perfect cup, I say every cup is perfect; it’s just that some taste more perfect than others.