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Work machine Saeco Magic fully auto

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  • Work machine Saeco Magic fully auto

    After talking about building my new Corretto and getting lots of laughs and insane looks at my new workplace, they said "what do you think of the coffee coming out of the work machine?" Ummm, "bitter" saith I tentatively. "Reckon you can fix it?" Uhhh, yeah.

    I ignored the "DONT TOUCH" signs. After discovering theyre pushing about 60ml thru a single shot  , I took the shot dose as high as the lever would let me (got no idea of the grammage), set the grind twice as fine as it was, and its starting to have a semblence of normality. Not there yet though. Ran a taste-test shot for someone who drinks from it every day - and got the "wow" response.

    Had to leave work at that point - the CoffeeSnob in me said "stay, stay, get it right" but had to collect a kid... I console myself with the thought that at least it tastes better  :P and I would have happily (and ignorantly) drunk it 5 weeks ago at the beginning of my CoffeeSnob journey. Not now, of course!

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    Re: Work machine Saeco Magic fully auto

    Hey, dont go fine tuning work machines, youll put us Cafe operators out of business ;D

    Seriously though, Ive heard it before that with a tightening in peoples budgets the work machine looks attractive : and some people will stomach it until they get the "real" taste only a Barista using a descent machine can produce.