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Brazil Monte Carmelo

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  • Brazil Monte Carmelo

    Oh, some of these please.

    I roasted some BMCs from what was remaining from my CS starter pack. Took it a few snaps into SC on slightly darker shade of CS9. Its now 8 days post-roast and I love how this tastes. Smooth, medium body and sweet and fragrance oozes of what my wife describes as chocolate wafer.

    Given I got this in 1/4th of CS start pack, Im now one roast away from running out. So hoping to see this in beanbay soon

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    Re: Brazil Monte Carmelo

    I to have roasted my last of these beans to CS 10 stopped just short of rolling SC. 5 days out and the flavour is great. I will buy more if it appears on Green Bay. Dark chocolate flavour and stays with you for some time after the last mouthful.