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Niche setting for filter V60

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  • Niche setting for filter V60

    So just picked up a V60 after starting my journey
    on filter. Went to Geisha in Surrey Hills and tried some Guatemala the bloke made on his V60, loved it, so I bought a bag, then came home to try out.

    Ground some beans on my Niche, and made one but it was nowhere near as nice as the one they made. Was a bit harsh. The coffee while blooming smelt amazing.

    Question I have is how coarse should I go? What grind setting should I be dialling in on my Niche?

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    Hey Garyh, i too am learning how to get a good V60 pour-over result and there are alot of different views on grind size, not to mentioned the pour-over technique. Take a look at James Hoffman's V60 technique here. He has a helpful section on dialling in grind for taste.
    I use a medium fine grind for V60 but every grinder is different.


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      Of course every bean and every grinder is different, but as a guide I was brewing a light-medium roast Ethiopian in a plastic V60 on setting 34 on my Niche -- adjusted to taste and found 34 to be ideal for those particular beans.