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I'm falling out of love with Espresso at home!

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  • I'm falling out of love with Espresso at home!

    So recently discovered Drip coffee, bought myself a V60, been playing around with it ever since. After trying some El Salvador (fruity loveliness) from Reformatory in Sydney, I bought a bag of the Reserve Ethiopian 1212 from Ona and my GOD. I brewed a V60 and got all the notes.

    Well, I'm slowly loosing the appetite to make espresso anymore. V60 is so easy compared to an espresso, and much easier to get the flavours. Plus you get a full cup to sip on, which I'm really enjoying.

    RIP Espresso!

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    Hey Gary, I come from the other direction, i've been having a love affair with a daily v60 for years. I feel have somewhat mastered it, or at least fine tuned it 100% to my preference. My logic was always, i'll have v60 at home and espresso or milk based drinks when i'm out. Easy.

    Then something happened, as a gift, I received a Flair Espresso, and man, has it rocked my world. I started delving into espresso, suffered heavily from severe upgraditis and fell deeply in love all over again, but this time with what I feel is the v60s younger cousin. The details, the grind, the dose, the temperature, the gooey syrupy mouthfeel, invigorating. I genuinely believe that on a per shot basis, that you can achieve significantly higher quality espresso at home than 90% cafes due to the love and attention you are able to give that one shot.

    Here is what I learned, all coffee is beautiful and I have a place for all of the variety and brew methods.

    These days I feel about coffee similarly to how I feel about a drink, I enjoy a good craft beer on a warm day just the same as a smoky whisky with a steak dinner. Even a cocktail once in a while can be a good thing.

    Take a break from espresso, explore your new preferences, but keep a spot open for the right occasion.


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      porque no los dos?

      I agree though on the different flavours / more easily obtained - recently started cold brewing with a hario mizudashi and it is fantastic during summer.
      I still love my espresso in the mornings though so that's not going to stop!


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        Originally posted by yochiya View Post
        Here is what I learned, all coffee is beautiful and I have a place for all of the variety and brew methods.
        I agree with Yochiya, and you tend to go through seasons. I was an espresso only man for quite a long time and like you garyharpur I began exploring V60 pour-overs because I wanted to taste the variety of flavours that you get in that brew method.

        Recently however I have began roasting and suddenly I have been experimenting tasting my roasts in various brew methods - espressos, lattes, V60 pour-overs, V60 pour-overs on to ice, and an aeropress.

        I am pulling some amazing espressos I couldn't pull before and tasting things I haven't tasted before in the different brew methods.

        So keep exploring and trying V60 pour-overs, but keep an open mind because you can enjoy coffee in so many brew methods and you might be pleasantly surprised by a well executed espresso!