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Whats up with belcaffe?

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  • Whats up with belcaffe?

    There is a huge roaster in the shop, bowls setup for cupping, bags of probably stale beans, a nice looking La Mazorrca, a motor bike helmut.

    Cmon, gimme somewhere to go other than Tobys. Or sell me that La Mazorrca for cheap. Or someone else setup shop.

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    Re: Whats up with belcaffe?

    ive read elsewhere that the business has been sold to Aroma Coffee and the master roaster has moved back to Seattle to start an Australian Origin brand. I think it might have happened last year? Id been wondering about Belcaffe too as its looked abandoned for a while.

    why not just walk through Victoria Park and Sydney Uni to Carillon Ave and go to Cordial?