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  • Join to sell???????????

    Is it my imagination or are we seeing an increasing number of new members joining Coffee Snobs just to sell coffee gear?

    Seems to me they join, make the required number of posts quick smart, list an item for sale, when/if the sale is made it's hasta la vista, never see em again.

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    Better their equipment goes to someone on the forum than a degenerate on Facebook Marketplace.


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      Yep, I guess ethics is a pretty old fashioned concept.?


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        I’ve sold a few items to people who have joined just to buy.


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          I had a funny response all set up for Yelta's question - but i cant seem to send him a pm.... ( Now the fine print)

          Yes it was said in jest,
          No Yelta I was kidding, no pms required. ( smiley face )
          Yes , I agree with Yelta
          Hard to enforce anything involved with motives behind buying/ selling, but it is another good service that coffee snobs offers noobies. Cheers Darryl


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            I imagine Andy is well aware of the practice, I guess if it doesn't concern him why should it bother other members.

            I feel it has a lot to do with attitude and entitlement, I was taught that its the decent thing to do to return a favour in some way, some of us take and never give whilst others understand the concept of obligation, or perhaps just doing the right thing.

            Brings to mind the old quote "one good turn deserves another" probably something many wouldn't understand in this day and age.?


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              I think this forum strikes a very reasonable balance with the rules around selling. As long as all members follow them and this is enforced by moderation then it benefits everyone.

              Many years ago I was involved in a forum (not coffee related) where the for sale section became so bad that it required full time moderation because it attracted scammers and people who agreed to buy and never paid. I have not seen evidence of this here.

              I joined a decent amount of time after reading this forum because I wasn’t interested in the social aspect due to the aforementioned experience, but I have found it to be a great resource populated by people willing to help.

              Perhaps someone who joins to sell will become a decent contributor or at the very least sell something of value to someone else.

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            It's a long discussion and I'll try to keep it brief(ish).

            The very few rules we have at CoffeeSnobs are listed in bright RED with the title ATTENTION at the top of the for sale section
            These have existed for 16 years and have been tweaked in that time to work better.

            I'll get at least one [Contact Us] email every single day that goes something like this:

            [person] cant post - sent from my iPhone

            [andy] Can't post where?

            [person] cant sell stuff - sent from my iPhone

            [andy] Please see the rules

            [person] why should ur post if ur want to sell somethink - sent from my iPhone

            [andy] CoffeeSnobs For Sale section is for members to sell items to each other, if you don't like the rules you can sell on ebay, Gumtree or Facebook.

            ...a day later...

            [person] still cant post - sent from my iPhone

            [andy] Please read the rules again

            [person] why should i weight 2 week - sent from my iPhone

   get the idea.

            Apologies to the good iPhone users but there is a demographic of these [persons], nearly always "sent from iPhone" and nearly always under 35 and nearly always without punctuation or capitalisation and often with a random unknown autocorrect word in the middle of the sentence.

            These are relentless and consume way too much of Javaphile's and my life. Even the sheer amount of items posted in the for sale without a price or location that Java needs to respond to is a pain. Sometimes a CS'r will jump in before us and post "where are you located?" or "you'll need to post a price" and these save us a little sanity.

            We have considered junking the for sale section many times but it is a great resource for members so we do persist.

            Back to topic... yes we do see those people that post 5 junk posts and then we await their for sale post which is never far behind. Sometimes we'll delete some of the most rubbish of the 5 posts but mostly we'll let them slide.

            As mentioned above, sometimes they will become a great community member, sometimes they disappear never to been seen again until they [contact us] to get their account removed.

            The way we see it, 5 posts to the forum and a two week wait does weed out the scammers and spammers (mostly) and I can proudly say that after 16+ years we have had a grand total of zero people sold a furphy or were scammed into buying something that didn't exist. We might be the only for sale page in the world with a record like that.


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              I wonder if there is a way to add 2 compulsary fields for new topics in the For Sale section, one for location (text) and another for price (numbers only). Where it won't allow the post to go through unless these fields are complete. That might reduce some of the work Java needs to do fixing up these posts.

            • Tronn
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              Actually just had another thought.

              Some forums I've been on have some area's hidden, and you can only see it after you meet certain criteria. Unsure if this is a good idea or not, as I'm sure some users have sold products to new people...but it might be something to look at?

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            Originally posted by Yelta View Post
            Is it my imagination or are we seeing an increasing number of new members joining Coffee Snobs just to sell coffee gear?

            Seems to me they join, make the required number of posts quick smart, list an item for sale, when/if the sale is made it's hasta la vista, never see em again.
            Hi Yelta, I would guess that working form home has caused in spike in interest for good coffee at home, even more so now that everyone is coming to terms with the fact that its unlikely to change back to what things were like in the before times.

            One thing that is not quite clear is what is the actual expectation and what contribution would we as a community like to see from new members?

            As a fairly new CS member, I have to admit, I originally joined for access to the "coffee-hardware-for-sale" in fact, it's still my bookmark to CS.

            If I had to guess, I would say activity on the forums in sorted by decreasing activity would be something like:
            - Market Square
            - Equipment
            - The Art of coffee
            - CoffeeSnobs Discussions

            Keen on hearing your thoughts


            • amberale
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              My guess would be that Yelta is referring more to the sales of hard to get grinders and the “Hi, I got 5 of these by mistake.”posts.

            • yochiya
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              Right, have to say I probably missed it, did not realise there was a 'scalping' challenge to solve. Tough one to solve. Cheers.

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            If someone wants to list and someone wants to buy and they don't break rules, then leave the forum, is it a big deal? Sounds like they wouldn't have contributed much by staying anyway.


            • 338
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              I think the difference is if either party is a longer term member they are somewhat of a known quantity (even somewhat their personality through their posts).

              Markets where parties aren't known, such as ebay, require more safeguards which cost either in money or time for those running it. I don't think our 'selling fees' cover those overheads. The present rules seem to be effective.

            • Brewster
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              My 2c.
              Plenty of other buy or sell platforms out there rather than using this forum to perhaps imply some credibility to the sale.