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The God Shot

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  • The God Shot

    The ever elusive God Shot....
    Tell us about your best God Shot and how did you make it?

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    Re: The God Shot

    I wouldnt call it a God shot, but I did have a shot that confused the hell out of me and nearly threw all of my confidence out the window...

    As the day progresses I find I have to coarsen the grind. One morning I stumbled out of bed and forgot to fine it up - went through my usual routine and started the shot. It ran too fast and became pretty "runny" only about 15 seconds in. I cut it at less than 20 seconds and remembered I hadnt fined it up. I went about cleaning the portafilter and grinding and loading a new double. As I pulled it - now much "better", I noticed the discarded "too fast and runny" shot and thought "what the hell, Ill taste it and see how bad it is."

    It bloody well tasted outstanding, wasnt bitter or sour, it balanced well and had great flavour. To be honest, I compared the "better" shots and in truth they had a bit more body but both tasted and balanced fine.

    So it was more a fast runny "miracle" shot rather than a God shot.