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  • Veneziano blends

    Can I say a few words of praise here...

    Generally I dont like to order coffee online, just because I dont really want to pay for delivery. Also, working in North Melbourne, normally I dont have to, when I can just walk in a couple of very good places locally and just buy freshly roasted stuff. Or for that matter stroll to BBB and buy beans there. Veneziano, in this regard, is out of reach for me. Unfortunately. As much as I wanted to go there, have a coffee and chat to the guys and buy some beans, Abbotsford is very inconvenient given our traffic and short lunch breaks ;-)
    So I ordered couple of blends online, just to try... I tried one of them yesterday, and I must admit I am very impressed with Concordia blend. I guess all this hype about Venezianos roasts and stuff may play part in it - you expect something extraordinary and chances are you are going to like it ;-) just as an expensive bottle of wine usually tastes better, as studies proved...
    But jokes aside... why is it so bloody good?! and apart from subjective judgment of the aroma and palate, perceived complexity and balance, there are some quite objective things. e. g. I found the blend quite forgiving of the operators mistakes. Like for example, I have an isomac grinder, not a stepless one. Sometimes its quite hard to find perfect adjustment for the blend - one setting is too fine and the next is already too coarse. But with Concordia its dead easy, I managed to get very nice shots from three adjacent settings. Timing was different, but I just stopped before blonding... and they were really good, all of them.
    And its just the first blend I tried... I am not saying its the best I tried, because its hard to pick just the best in this world, so other roasters, please dont get offended, its not that what I have tasted so far was crap, some of the stuff was seriously good... so its not about comparing different roasters and picking the best... after all how would you compare Bach and Chopin, both are great.
    However, guys at Veneziano, I think you deserve all good stuff you hear about you! Youve got one more fan in me now, and its just after one blend ;-)

    Is there any spot in CBD that perhaps sells your blends?

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    Re: Veneziano blends

    Our shop in Southbank will soon be selling a few Veneziano Blends. Come check us out.


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      Re: Veneziano blends

      I really enjoy their coffee and their service. Staffs there are always friendly (no matter Im a coffe idiot, know nth about coffee).
      My all time favourite has to be the " Veneziano estate". It has very complex taste. Almost asking for it every single time when i go there. I also like the Concordia. Very easy to drink. Not strong at all. Im very impress with forza as a milk base coffee, but it is a bit too strong to drink it black. Bella Vita is the only blend I dont like. I found it is too acidic for me. Veneziano!! Well done~~~Keep providing gd coffee for us~~