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  • Melbourne Cafe recommendations

    Thanks for all of the advice earlier on nice places to visit in Melbourne.... I was hoping for some specific cafe recommendations?

    My mate says I should visit $tarbuck$ in the city! (hes an absolute coffee philestine.... he buys Riva!)

    I was hoping that you guys could offer something better?

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    Re: Melbourne Cafe recommendations

    Youde definatly have to try to get to "Bean Ground and Drunk" because 2MuchCoffee runs that. Also Maltitude on exibition is one of the better ones in the CBD - get Mariska (think thats her name?) to make the cofffee, or Andrew.


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      Re: Melbourne Cafe recommendations

      hmm ... except that maltitude has been sold, so andrew has moved on.

      Which is a shame, I was really keen to get there next year. Romantic weekend with the wife in a different city for a weekend ... she can go shopping while I sit with geeks and play/chat about coffee and equipment. How romantique would that be!


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        Re: Melbourne Cafe recommendations

        Good point - Andrew has gone, but Ive got some inside goss from a friend Michael who popped in during Andrews last week on my recommendation. Seems like hes got an idea for something coffee, but focusing on the "presentation" of the coffee, sounds more like a bar concept, where the coffee is poured in front of the patron (latte art I assume!). So, thats second hand info - but sounds very interesting all the same.

        Mareshka (sp?) can definatly hold the fort on the coffee making front thou! Still well worth a visit, and ask her for a "tripple florret" - its awesome.

        Does Andrew frequent coffeegeek forum or anything? Id definalty like to find out about what hes planning.


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          Re: Melbourne Cafe recommendations

          Hmm ... kay ... specifics ...

          Ive got to say that Melbourne is having something of a decent cafe drought. Especially compared with Sydney!

          I was pleasantly surprised by an organic food market called Macro or somesuch in Bridge Rd, Richmond the other day. They were using Allpress. Bought some, had a play around with it, good impressions. Theyve got a FB-70/Swift setup ... Allpress. I only had one espresso, though, while they were pretty busy. You gots to remember that LMs seem to perform badly when they arent being hammered!

          The one and only Simon James is working at headquarters, in the Optus building on Collins street, one building down from the intersection with Queen st. Unfortunately, Simon is working through their constraints, but remember that his is THE latte artist and probably sets best-case practises for all baristi to follow. So methodical.

          Atomica on Brunswick street provided coffee for us at Maltitude. Random. Sometimes you will see the most exquisite double-ristretto prepared right before your eyes, after a few grind adjustments and test shots and served with a glass of water by a barista who asks you what you thought after. Sometimes youll wait ten minutes for the same barista to plonk down something that wasnt even what you ordered. An institution, though.

          Pellegrinis is a must-see. They were the first place in Melb to have an espresso machine. Today, they proudly serve the worst coffee in the city.

          ... then theres the New Zealand lot. These guys are basically the coffee mafia of Melbourne. Batch, on Carlisle st (Supreme). Dont settle for anything else on the street ... well, maybe check out Wall 280. St Ali, 12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne (Mark D roasting on a roaster with more temp control gadgetry than his Synesso). Pod near Brighton Station (another Supreme joint). Andrew recommended Minor Place (Atomica) the other day. Not sure quire where they are, but google said Albion Street, Brunswick.

          ... but very few places really stand out to me.

          As for Maltitude, I think that this was Marikas last week. Andrew is hoping to open another place relatively soon, but hasnt got any concrete plans. Youre right, Andy, one idea that we were throwing around was pouring latte art in front of the customer. We were also chatting about the idea of offering a monthly or bi-weekly single-origin espresso and maybe even
          importing our own teas. But everything really depends on the site. For the moment, Andrew is enjoying a well-deserved break and Im contributing to this webpage cause my supply of free beans was cut off ;P




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            Re: Melbourne Cafe recommendations

            Im a fan of Rays which is on Victoria St Brunswick 20m from Sydney road. Theres no sign out the front that says rays, that would just make it too obvious. They have their own blend which Atomica makes for them, its called Rays Blend funnily enough.

            Crunch in High St. Thornbury also use Rays Blend. IMHO Crunch, which is my local, do it better - serving it as an espresso rather than a ristretto.