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    Out of interest, would your comment be any different if the defect were mould? There are lots of consumers out there in retail land blissfully unaware of mould defect.[/QUOTE]

    Definitely reject it, no question or hesitation.
    i was purely talking about the flavours from experimental processing methods including infusion of flavours during processing


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      Funny though this morning, we pay more for mouldy cheese..........


      • Bosco_Lever
        Bosco_Lever commented
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        But mouldy cheese is a process, not a defect. Do you buy old, past the use by date, mouldy, stinky cheese or specialty cheese that has been inoculated/exposed to mould, or processed in such a way that beneficial mould grows?

        A defect is a defect. Processing defects should also be considered. Winemakers can turn grape juice into delicious wine, or vinegar if they stuff up the processing method. Bakers can also do the same with bread. The same rules should apply to coffee processing.

      • Ronin
        Ronin commented
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        This was a joke. But I suppose someone could/probably will try a mould process at some point
        I understand the testing of different processes. It’s how progress is made. A few will stay but I think some will disappear, Like any innovative testing in any industry

      • flynnaus
        flynnaus commented
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        But I suppose someone could/probably will try a mould process at some point
        Too late...
        (Yeah, I know ...not that 'mould')