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My Rocky found a rock !!!!

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  • My Rocky found a rock !!!!

    Hi all,
    This morning I roasted some of the latest Sumatran Mandheling for my morning double. I always have a look at the batch while cooling them and discard any deformed or under/over roasted beans and anything else I dont like the look of. Two scoops into Rocky and it grinds as normal until CRRRRUUUUNCHHH ! I dive for the power cord.
    I found a small rock had made it into the grinder. Not only that but, I kid you not, a rock almost exactly the same shape, size and yes COLOUR as a coffee bean. I couldnt have designed a better trap if I tried.
    I dont mean to cause mass hysteria, just a good advertisement to check your beans. This is actually the second rock Ive found in the green beans (first one didnt pass screening). You might also want to keep an eye on the Mandheling if you have it.
    Oh and I inspected the burrs on the grinder, they appear to have been dulled and scraped a bit. Still seems to work ok, pulled a good shot this evening. Anyone know where I can order new Rocky burrs ?


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    Re: My Rocky found a rock !!!!

    I found a rock in the last batch of Java so ya do have to be careful. As I use a heat gun I get a good look at the beans as they roast. Fortunatly this rock was rock coloured and a little bigger.

    Ive heard some tales about what the big roasters find in some of thier bags especially if they buy the beans on the cheap.  

    Its something you do have to keep an eye out for when roasting the beans. We are dividing so much at once, we dont have the time to go through it so it might pay for everyone to keep a close eye out to avoid this happening again if possible. And as Peter said for a rock to be the same colour and shape as a bean we will only be able to pick something like this out if we all have a thorough look.

    You can get new burs from