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Freshness - one way valve bags

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  • Freshness - one way valve bags

    Hi, If you split a 1kg fresh roasted batch into 4 one-way valve bags, how different do you find the bag opened say a week, or two weeks later?

    Im still new but it seems that they taste great the first day its opened, still ok but not as great the next day, and by the third seems to be heading into staleness... definitely by the fourth its not as nice.

    Your thoughts?

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    Re: Freshness - one way valve bags

    I reckon it all depends on the beans used and the depth to which they were roasted.

    For example: Ethiopian Harrar roasted just shy of 2C will give lovely berry aromas and flavour 3, 4, 5 days post roast. By day seven this really has tailed off and by day 10 (should the batch happen to last that long!) the berry notes are very muted if non existent. Then for a Monsooned Malabar I wouldnt even consider using this in a blend for at least a week post roast and if I drank it as a SO then Id wait perhaps 2 weeks before I chose to use it..

    Keeping your coffee sealed, though, will maintain its freshness longer than not but its only a matter of time before it becomes stale and theres diddly you can do about it..Its the nature of the beast. (or should I say..bean!)


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      Re: Freshness - one way valve bags

      Thank you.