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Tamping on a VBM Domobar Super

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  • Tamping on a VBM Domobar Super

    From the literature it seems that common practice is to loosely fill the filter basket, strike it level then tamp in a preferred manner. However, the VBMs shower screen is quite low. When I try this with the single shot filter, the screen interfers with the puck. Using the coin test to get the appropriate clearance results in a dose so low that the tamper bottoms in the filter. I get a better taste with the higher dose but it keeps pushing against the shower screen. Is this a common problem or is it just me?

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    Re: Tamping on a VBM Domobar Super

    I made my own brass tamper from a bit scrap brass sheet that was 8mm thick, the dinky plastic one supplied with the machine didnt even fit properly,

    pic shows the plastic tamper supplied with the Domobar, the old 51mm alloy tamper I used on the Breville 800es and the 58mm brass tamper I made with an Oak handle

    anyway it turns out when I tamp with this and I have the top side of the tamp just below the edge of the basket it is just right in the dose.

    have a look inside the double basket and you will see a ridge that is 9mm down from the top edge, that is where the level of the puck should be once you have tamped properly.

    on the single basket yes it is just above the bowl for the right level I found.

    personally I dont bother using the single dose basket except for friends who dont like strong coffee.

    use a metal tamper that fits correctly and with marks on the side of the tamp so you know you have the right level, like the Pullman tampers have.


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      Re: Tamping on a VBM Domobar Super

      Bob Ive only used the VBM twice.

      The first time was at last years Aroma Festival and I choked the machine with my first attempt as Id forgotten Id been warned about the low shower screen.

      This year I found myself on it again and being forewarned that wasnt a problem for me this time around.

      Whilst I didnt win the shootout and my espresso suffered a little from a cold cup, the judges comments werent too damning.

      dAz52s detailed reply looks like it will give you something to go on.

      If I can do it you can.


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        Re: Tamping on a VBM Domobar Super

        I have a Levetta, and have now standardised on 14 grams in the double basket. This is 3mm or so below the spring ridge and gives nice ristrettos.
        I have never used the single basket.


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          Re: Tamping on a VBM Domobar Super

          Ive found for me its a case of level off with the grind a tiny bit coarser than you might expect, then tamping more firmly to get the puck under the shower screen - repeatable!

          If youre in Sydney, PM me if youd like to meet up and pull some shots together.




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            Re: Tamping on a VBM Domobar Super

            halfway between the first and second lines on a pullman tamper is perfect I find.


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              Re: Tamping on a VBM Domobar Super

              Thanks Guys! I think Ive got the hang of it now. I was too paranoid about the puck touching the shower screen after reading somewhere that it could damage the puck leading to channelling. However, on page 217 of "The Espresso Quest", the Instaurator(???) states, "Put enough coffee in your porta-filter so it is full right up to the dispersion screen". So now I simply loosely overfill, strike level and tamp - basically as the instructions state. It works well.