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  • Intermediate Espresso Workshop

    Intermediate Espresso Workshop by Hazel De Los Reyes, September 6th, 3:30pm-7:00pm

    For those whod received an update on this workshop yesterday, mentioning August 30th, our apologies, the workshop has been postponed to Sep 6th instead of Aug 30th.

    This brand new course first ran on May 17th with Hazel De Los Reyes and Scottie Callaghan, is ideal for those among you who have been enjoying their heat exchanger machine for while, achieving reasonable results with espresso, but would like to improve skills in espresso extraction, increasing their consistency and producing a better milk texture.

    In this course, Hazel would explore in details elements impacting espresso extraction, and their impact on the cup quality:

    -Different tamping techniques and tamper bases
    -Dosing techniques and other factors that impact dosing
    -Distribution methods including work with naked PF
    -Espresso vs. Ristretto
    -Working with fresh / "old" coffee

    And more...

    This workshop runs with maximum 7 people, therefore places are limited and espresso machines and grinders can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, to save you lugging your kit in from home! Place: Di Bartoli Coffee Centre, Bondi Junction. Directions:

    Cost: $150.00 p.p, 10% off your bill if you bring a second person

    To enroll, ring / email / pm us and well be happy to book you in! check also:

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    Re: Intermediate Espresso Workshop

    Hi Di Bartoli,

    Do you do this training on commercial machines?



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      Re: Intermediate Espresso Workshop

      Hi Benfish,

      All our Home Barista Workshops, including the Intermediate Espresso, are conducted in our machines demonstration area. You will find on our bench a variety of single boiler and heat exchange machines, representing the different brands, models and price levels of our machines range.

      For the workshop, we try to ensure that every student, whether a beginner or an advanced, is operating  the same brand / model of machine and grinder they have at home, as the objective is to to increase their proficiency and develop their skills to make great espresso in the same environment / tools they have at home.

      Therefore wed recommended them to bring their own gear for the training if its a model we do not stock, or we will assign a machine for them from our demo range (on a book-first-get-first basis), if they dont want to lug their gear along or if its the same model.

      I hope that answers the query, you can log on our Home Barista School page to find out more about our training:

      Youre also welcome to ring/pm/email with any specific inquiries or if you are considering attending one of our workshops yet not sure which level would suit you best.