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Need a complete coffee makeover !

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  • Need a complete coffee makeover !

    :-[ I hope this is the right place to put this topic .....I presume I will be doing a few posts in the next weeks as I need a lot of help, and after reading on this forum for some hrs now I think I can get the answers I need here... that is if I can understand the replies being the coffee novice that I am.
    Problem is my partners [3 of us] and myself are starting a cafe... coffee shop .....I  drink plunger my partner drinks instant and my brother hardly drinks coffee but loves to hang out in cafes and thats the extent of it!
    Cafe will be small and I am thinking I need a double espresso machine but what one? and what grinder and what coffee beans and I do realise we all need to do classes  ........... yes I know I need to start 10 topics.
    We are in the Clarence Valley region of NSW, Northern Rivers.
    I am thinking of buying an expobar ruggero coffee machine simpley because I like the look of it !! after all I am a female budget is around $6000 new.
    Any help explained in layman terms would be very gratefully accepted.

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    Re: Need a complete coffee makeover !

    Where in the Clarence Valley?
    I was born in Grafton.

    You are sure to get some good advice here.

    I have a small Expobar for home.

    Is the $6000 budget for machine AND grinder?

    What homework have you done regarding setting up a cafe other than the coffee machine?

    Does your brother intend to work in the cafe or just continue to hang out?

    Will you be able to convince your partner to not drink instant where customers can see or even better start drinking real coffee?

    There are a few site sponsors not too far from you that roast coffee so that part should be easy to sort out.

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs.


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      Re: Need a complete coffee makeover !

      Hi coma11 and welcome to CS!

      I happen to own a coffee roastery equipped with a Ruggero. Will send you a pm with contact details, etc.


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        Re: Need a complete coffee makeover !

        Ha Ha Thundergod....Thanks for the reply and help I would rather not say exactly where we are at the moment small town gossip and all that we are big smoke Gold Coasters moved to a small town about 1 hr from Grafton I will PM you.
        Partner reckons he will only be in the kitchen..... little does he know, my brother drinks a few lattes a week in his beloved shops so has some idea about a decent coffee.....He is our style and design expert and is also very good with business plans only he likes to spend money we dont have, I will be the worker no doubt plus I control finances and do books.
        My budget is $6000 for espresso machine and up to $1000 for the grinder I have been reading this site so know a grinder is important.
        Cuppa I need an all round decent bean so please get in touch Thanks


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          Re: Need a complete coffee makeover !

          I would be looking to stretch your grinder budget beyond $1000. that kind of money doesnt really get you a grinder fast enough to grind on demand during busy periods. I recommend having a read up on, Mazzer Major, Compaq K10.


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            Re: Need a complete coffee makeover !

            Id suggest going to see Dennis! He roasts great coffee, is very friendly & hes using that Ruggero to good effect.

            I suggest the following:

            * Training
            * Training
            * Training
            * 2-3 Group Commecial Machine
            * Compak K10 or Mazzer Robur Grinder
            * Practice
            * Practice
            * Practice

            Unless you know what a discerning person will expect to find in the cup, can taste it and know whats going wrong when youre not making it, Id expect a fairly short shelf life for your cafe.




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              Re: Need a complete coffee makeover !

              I suggest that you better talk to your partners about who is doing what. The business already sounds like bad news. Ive had some amazing partners in the cafe business and they have all failed. Why did they fail? Because they couldnt do the hard work and couldnt see the future. Coffee doesnt make you an expert in cafes. I think it makes you dangerous because you think you know something.
              Your budget on a machine is based on what? Will you need to upgrade in the future? Will you get better at coffee? How many kgs can this cafe do? What do you think good coffee is? how are you going to push sales? What is your COGS? What are your overheads? What does a coffee really cost? How many kgs are your competitors doing?
              How good is your partner in the kitchen and has he worked in a commercial kitchen before? Does he have suppliers?
              I hope I am wrong and you do really well. It sounds like you are the one with sense in this partnership. I have never heard of a small cafe having 3 partners with little idea and working. Something will give and the business sounds too small for everyone to be happy.
              I think a partner has to go. Your brother sounds dangerous. Design of a cafe when you have no experience in a cafe is stupid and crazy. You involving him is something you need to control when you are doing all the hard work. I think this is not a healthy start.
              Great coffee means nothing when the formula to success, is your team behind you. Coffee is the vehicle that creates success. If you drive a cheap car with cheap fuel, its going to take you longer to get where you want. If you arent a skilled driver then you are looking for hard times. I really hope you dont get into this cafe with 3 partners. It just doesnt work.