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Finding 1-to-1 Training in Sydney

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  • Finding 1-to-1 Training in Sydney

    Hey Everyone,

    Im getting through about 1.5Kg/week on my HX machines, and fairly happy with the espresso I produce, but milk.......

    .......milk is just high enough quality with each to pour latte art, unless I go tip changing. my distribution is fine on the Domobar, but always seems to slope to the front on the Galatea, and Ive done Di Bartolis advanced espresso course..

    However, Im sure Id improve dramatically with a someone actually teaching me the difference between what Im doing right and which bits should change in my routine, and can afford some outlay on it - I suffer from cluster headaches & the better the coffee is, the more it helps, so theres a significant benefit to making better coffee at home and in the office.

    I just cant afford the $100/hour of the professional trainers I know of..

    Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

    thanks in advance,


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    Re: Finding 1-to-1 Training in Sydney


    I also did an advanced espresso course but at the time the Silvia I played with was really hot and I couldnt even produce one as good as I usually did at home. Now I have a Galatea and like you Id like to take my technique further but as its just a hobby the $ cost is a bit limiting.

    Perhaps some Sydney CSers could get together and swap techniques and compare each others techniques. Thats really the least expensive option. (but carting HX machines around is a bit hard.)



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      Re: Finding 1-to-1 Training in Sydney

      Hi John,

      If none of the CSs are able to help you, send me a msg/email and I can point you in the right direction.