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  • "pulling" a shot

    I am considering buying a Presso, after reading about them in various threads as other people played with them. Im looking for a way to get a good espresso without having to plug in a machine (Sometimes electricity, and a good espresso are hard to get in afghanistan- Im goin back in a while).
    Ive seen the La Pavoni style, and read that a good 40 to 50 pounds of pull should be kept on the lever.
    just a dumb idea (maybe)- wouldnt using a weight to pull the lever make it more consistant?

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    Re: "pulling" a shot

    Hey Juicer

    You can get 3 x aeropress machines for the price of 1 Presso

    Aero press is easier
    see the aeropress video



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      Re: "pulling" a shot

      I sell the Aeropress and while I think its a fantastic product, dont want anyone to be misled and talk it up into something it isnt. I do not consider it to be an espresso maker.

      It does makes a good, clean, short black and an even better americano (long black), but espresso it aint. As KK says, the Presso is a lot more expensive and less simple to use, but from all accounts, it does make a very good espresso.

      Both units are excellent travel companions - by all means look at the videos (Im pretty sure there is one on the Presso as well), consider budget, and your particular coffee drinking preferences, before buying one or the other.....or both!

      ps. the weighted lever might be a good idea but then again, these units are designed for portability. Lugging around a couple of 30-40kg weights to make them operate might make them less attractive.


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        Re: "pulling" a shot

        I have an aeropress. It is sitting on the counter unused since the first weekend I got it. I followed the directions that came with it, and I tried french-press directions with it. I have yet to get anything but sour, foul, dark water out of the thing. I would try whatever tips someone else may have, but after a weekend o frustration- it is not currently in competition with my moka pot.
        What Im hoping for, is to consistantly get the "honey" shot, the tongue coating effect of a REAL espresso. But it looks like I either spend several thousand dollars, or, I get good with a lever machine.
        yes, the weights would be a pain to carry, but, I already thought of an answer for that- jugs or bottles of water! Find them anywhere.


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          Re: "pulling" a shot

          I have a Presso and its worked well the couple of times Ive tested it out.

          I also recently purchased an Aeropress from cuppacoffee.
          My wife drinks long blacks and prefers those made with the Aeropress to those made with my machine.


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            Re: "pulling" a shot

            Originally posted by Juicer link=1220140595/0#3 date=1220175348
            What Im hoping for, is to consistantly get the "honey" shot, the tongue coating effect of a REAL espresso.
            Easy...get a REAL espresso machine.