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Vintage / Antique Coffee Paraphenalia

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  • Vintage / Antique Coffee Paraphenalia

    Hi all

    Not really sure where this post should be. Basically just wanted to let people know that there was an Atomic Coffee Machine, red color, quite OK condition in Dural Antiques (NW Sydney) for ~ $435 (from memory). Clearly they realise the value of it to some groups of collectors.

    I think a thread to alert CSers to vintage or antique coffee machines would be good. I didnt want the Atomic but I do keep my eye open for something rare or restorable.


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    Re: Vintage / Antique Coffee Paraphenalia

    Hi Mike,

    there is a thread here that has been made a sticky that should fill the bill.

    Might be nice to perhaps split it into espresso type machines (pump lever & steam), other coffee brewer types (vac, drip, plunger etc) and one for other stuff (roasters & assorted stuff).

    But see how it develops if there is to many posts that it gets hard to follow.


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      Re: Vintage / Antique Coffee Paraphenalia

      Ah thanks, I hadnt seen that thread.