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  • Great sponsor service

    In a bid to alleviate my upgraditis, I  convinced my wife that we should buy a VBM Levetta sooner rather than later as the price would go up by about $200 (OK, a slight exaggeration but she surprisingly agreed). This was late on a Saturday night - the night before Fathers Day. I can confirm that coffee machines, no matter how much enthusiasm they can cause, is not normally part of our pillow talk. But before I go even further into too much information.....

    Anyway, while my wife was still agreeable a quick call to JetBlack the next day confirmed that yes, they still had one Levetta but someone had already placed an order pending confirmation. I guess I didnt have my toes crossed as well as my fingers, as Debbie later relayed the unfortunate news that the Levetta had been claimed.

    Oh, well. Thinking my chances were less than Buckleys I rang Di Bartoli on Monday morning to see if they had one left. Surprise, surprise - they did! A quick transfer of funds and it was almost mine. I couldnt get to Bondi quick enough on Tuesday to pick it up. There it was - set up and ready to go. Suspiciously, a Bezzera Domus Galatea was also sitting on the bench next to it. Perhaps Renzo remembered me eyeing it off last time I was in the shop. Anyway, Renzo spent about 45 minutes taking me through the workings of the Levetta/Piccolo and had me pour a couple of shots and steam some milk. The instruction was clear and easily understood and I produced some not bad results for my first attempts at a new machine. Grateful for the friendly and patient service Ive come to expect from Ofra and Renzo at Di Bartoli, I hurried home and set up my new baby.

    It looked great - my wife was impressed too. But it wasnt there for show so I broke out a bag of old beans and spent about an hour and a half practicing pouring shots and steaming a bit of milk. Not great, but thanks to Di Bartoli, already better than what I was producing on my old machine. I was getting close to 60ml in 25 seconds but my shots were rather weak and crema was too light. I knew something wasnt right.

    Fortunately, at the time I contacted JetBlack I decided to book myself in for one of their home barista courses as I thought it would be worthwhile whether I got the new machine or not.

    Last night, I attended the course and I cant recommend it highly enough. I was able to bring my own grinder and the new Levetta to get the best possible guidance. For the next 3 hours, Charlie and Debbie took us through the fine points of espresso making and milk steaming. More importantly for me they were able to adjust both my equipment and technique such that I was pouring good tasting shots with much better crema than I had managed to achieve on my own. The black art of proper milk texturing, heating and pouring became so much clearer under their expert tutelage. I was creating latte or cappuccino style milk, not the meringue-ccinos of previous attempts. Charlie and Debbie have excellent knowledge of just about all things coffee and know how to pass this knowledge on. My co-trainees were equally impressed especially seeing what one participant managed from his Saeco Via Venezia Krups machine.

    Thank you JetBlack and Di Bartoli - you have transformed me from a somewhat frustrated CSer to a much, much happier one. I am more than happy to recommend either for your coffee needs

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    Re: Great sponsor service

    Hi Flynnaus,

    It is our pleasure - we are always happy to help! Our mission is to get people making tasty cafe quality coffee at home on whatever equipment they have (or want..), so to hear you are happy with your new set-up & training is really great.

    It was a great night last night and I have to say, for you to be doing swans with your latte art so soon means youre almost ready for the advanced latte art class!! Im only sorry we didnt take a photo of it!

    As always, dont hesitate to contact us for any future enquiries.

    Happy coffee making
    Deb & Charlie


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      Re: Great sponsor service

      Hi Flynnaus,

      Thanks for the great feedback! It was a pleasure having you in our store!

      It sound like JetBlack has done such a good work that youre now ready to attend this Saturday Latte Art workshop!

      Im sure Scottie Callaghan would appreciate the swans.. you may like to see the World Latte Art Champion in action....


      Hurry up, 2 places to go! Ofra


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        Re: Great sponsor service

        Nice piece of cross-posting there Ofra . I would have liked to attend Scotties course but as I mentioned to you, Im not pushing my financial luck too far. One of the other participants mentioned he had attended one of Scotties training sessions and spoke very highly of it.