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  • Green bean questions

    Hi All,
    First post of a man whos eyes have been opened to the light! The light of the new world of coffeexperience.
    I have been reading the site for quite a while, but have shied away from posting due to the amount of info already here, of which i am sure would answer all my questions if i could find them!

    I recently (last week) purchased a silvia, Anfim Best Grinder combo and am working out the joys of cofffee making(having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!).

    I have been working on my consistency of dosing (volume and spread) and tamping, I have adjusted the grind so that I am fairly consistently getting the approx 60ml (double filter 14g) in approx 25 seconds. I am receiving a product ... ;D(pause while relishing the thought) ;D...which i am very happy with. However the flow coming out of the portafilter is not a steady stream (volume coming out changes) and is not just a slow start building in speed (considering no flow restrictor on silvia). So (after that long winded preparation) what is this indicating, is it an issue i should be concerned about and will it make a difference with a synesso double filter that i have just ordered (thankyou Greg)?

    Andieman (wondering if its legal to have this much fun!)