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Swiss Water Decaf Beans -- is this right?

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  • Swiss Water Decaf Beans -- is this right?

    Had a friend purchase some decafe beans from a local roaster - didnt check the roast date.
    He gave me some to grind up for my wife whos expecting #2 so cant drink leaded right now.....

    The beans were VERY VERY oily - so much so my grinder had issues with them in the hopper - they all stuck together and didnt want to play nicely. He was told by the supplier that this was normal.....

    As these were the first decaf beans I have ever seen I was wondering if this was true ??


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    Re: Swiss Water Decaf Beans -- is this right?

    Hi there
    Sounds like they have been roasted well into 2nd crack.
    I generally roast them just on or into 2nd crack and find oil will show on the beans after about 4 - 5 days.

    Having them too dark i feel ruins the flavour, When i have bought decaf beans from commercial roasters i have found many of them roast the beans too dark.

    I havent heard of them having issues in a grinder hopper, i roast them for my work and never have issues in our hopper and there is a little oil on them but not overly so.



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      Re: Swiss Water Decaf Beans -- is this right?

      Hi GS, I find that decaf does tend to develop surface oil quicker than most other beans and are darker too. But "very, very oily" sounds like "very, very stale" to me.

      Im pretty sure Andy mentioned that he roasts the mocha java decaf greens he supplies (on his set-up) to 216* - about 5 degrees shy of 2C.

      Might be time to try another roaster - one that puts the roasted on date on the bags would be a good start!


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        Re: Swiss Water Decaf Beans -- is this right?

        thanks guys - when I talk VERY oily - Im talking I could get a handful of beans, close my hand, and when I open it they would all stick together in a ball.

        Might order some decaf from here and see how I go.....


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          Re: Swiss Water Decaf Beans -- is this right?

          many roasters roast decaf to the same level (or higher)as the rest of their beans

          wonder if they have ever tasted them

          because the beans start off being dark, you need to roast to taste not colour

          we roast decaf approx 5*c less than other beans



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            Re: Swiss Water Decaf Beans -- is this right?

            I had the same problem in my grinder they would stay in the hopper and you would have to tap the side of it, to get them to go in.  I brought some from brown beans the mocha java and they havent stuck at all, but my pregnant wife liked the sticky beans better but.  (sorry andy)  But she also announced today she was starting to dislike the smell of all things coffee, and she was hard core coffee mad, she was looking at my machine when she said it, I might be pulling shots in the garage if this continues.  I gues it will for the next seven months anyway.

            Also it doesnt seem to matter how I grind it I cant pull a shot that doesnt run fast.?? But it still seems to taste alright and have a good crema?


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              Re: Swiss Water Decaf Beans -- is this right?

              Fortunately my wife didnt go through that phase so Ive been able to continue brewing while the baby grows.

              For me I couldnt even get the beans through by tapping the hopper... I had to use the handle of a wooden spoon ond stir them around..... took a LONG time to clean the oils off the hopper afterward.