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coffee in space?

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  • coffee in space?

    Stumbled across an interesting article this morning...

    Astronauts can now enjoy coffee in zero g


    Franklin Chang, a former NASA astronaut, decided there must be a way to allow cosmic voyagers to enjoy a true cup of filtered coffee and took the challenge to the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.

    Two students at the Institutes Electromechanical School, Daniel Rozen and Josue Solano, took on the challenge and came up with a design called the space infuser.

    Mr Rozen said: "We turn on the switch. The machine will heat the water to 90 degrees centigrade, the ideal temperature for a cup of coffee.

    "Once the water reaches that temperature, we direct the water which is found in the heating chamber towards where the container is found, resulting in a delicious cup of coffee."

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    Re: coffee in space?

    Some smart thinking but unless they think of other target markets for the device, they are not going to get massive sales from space alone.