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Degassing halted - what effect?

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  • Degassing halted - what effect?

    I checked last night on some Kimel I roasted a week ago.
    The bag had ballooned because the one-way bag was faulty.
    Even the ziplock had been forced and the ballooning had gone as far as the impuilse seal.

    All it took to fix the valve was to prick the outside of the bag; it looked cut but hadnt been.

    This morning I made my usual flat white and although the beans were 6.5 days post roast they didnt taste like it.
    The best I can describe it is that they still tasted a little....fresh?

    Normally around the 7 day mark they would have a bit more mouthfeel and a more chocolatey taste.
    Whatever the difference was that I was tasting was towards the front of my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

    The question I have is what effect (in theory) is there if the degassing is halted?

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    Re: Degassing halted - what effect?

    Gday TG,

    I spose eventually the pressure in the bag will get high enough to prevent further outgassing from the beans and an equilibrium is reached, resulting with the effect you have observed. Probably need to rest em for a couple more days to allow them to degas properly. This hasnt happened to me before, all the valves have worked correctly (so far) but this is an interesting phenomenon just the same... :-?



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      Re: Degassing halted - what effect?

      My son and I were discussing the theory of this a few weeks ago.
      Maybe I jinxed myself.

      Id say they definitely reached equilibrium; there was no more give left in the bag.